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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New-To-You Food Guide

  • Ground "beef" is an animal-friendly version of the real thing.  You can find it in most grocery stores or you can make it using TVP (see below).  Brands include Gimme Lean and Boca.
  • Nutritional yeast is an inactive, vitamin- and mineral-rich yeast that adds a cheesy flavor to soups, casseroles or in place of cheese to make any dish creamier.
  • Seitan (SAY-tan), also known as gluten or wheat meat, is a delicious, high-protein meat substitute.  Seitan can be found prepackaged in many grocery stores.  Brands include White Wave and Lightlife.
  • Soy margarine is a tasty, non-dairy version of butter without the cholesterol or cruelty.  Brands include Earth Balance and Willow Run.
  • Soy milk is a healthy alternative to cow's milk and is widely available in grocery stores everywhere.  Soy milk can be substituted for milk in any recipe.  Brands include Silk, Edensoy, and WestSoy.
  • Tahini is a calcium-rich, creamy, sesame seed paste often used in Middle Eastern cuisine.
  • Textured vegetable protein (TVP) is a dried soy product that substitutes for ground beef in stews, chilis, pasta sauce, and more.
  • Tofu is a versatile, high-protein soy product readily available in many different textures from silken (great in smoothies and desserts) to extra firm; happily absorbs surrounding flavors and spices.
  • Vegan mayonnaise is a creamy egg- and dairy-free version of mayonnaise.  Available in most health food stores.  Brands include Follow Your Heart and Nasoya.
  • Veggie sausage links are meat-free alternatives, rich in protein and flavor.  Available in most grocery stores.  Brands include Tofurky and Lightlife.
Hi-dee hi-dee knowledge is golden-ho my friends!


  1. I thought you were lacto-ovo vegeterians meaning yes to cheese, milk and eggs, right? Or are you going vegan on us? Personally I could not become a vegetarian I think I would gain at least 20 lbs, wondering how you guys are doing.

  2. Yes, you're correct polwig. :) Both Tiffany and I are lacto-ovo vegetarians. However, where possible we hope to minimize our consumption of animal-based egg and dairy product. Good catch!

    Ugh! Weigh down day is 2morrow. Might not get posted for a day or two but the metrics are to be taken 2morrow morning. The walk to that scale tomorrow morning will seem like my very own green mile.

    Vegan is but a dream to me right now. Luckily we have several vegan restaurants in town and they're exceptional in both selection and quality. Imported cheeses and eggs-over-easy are my weakness!

  3. I could not give up cheese and bread, ever.. they do make vegan wine :) I don't know if I want to try it though

  4. There are allot of vegan cheese options available. I've been checking some of them out. Most are made using soybean or rice. Unfortunately, most vegan cheese to be found are of the basic varieties (cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack, etc.)

    Also, quite a few of the breads available at your market are vegan. Simply avoid ingredients on the label like eggs, milk, milk powder, whey, butter, and honey. And, more importantly, if you make your own fresh bread then you are in full control.

    I believe that the majority of vintners probably avoid the use of animal based products when making their wine. In its basic form wine is nothing more than grapes and yeast. Sometimes oak is used during fermentation.

    As a home brewer myself, beer is nothing more than water, grain, yeast and hops. But, as with wine, some brewers utilize animal based products during its production. I shall not venture to ask why.