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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wine Tasting - MontGras Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon - Syrah 2009

"Wine cheers the sad, revives the old, inspires the young, makes weariness forget his toil."
Greetings my fine friend.  I hope these words to find you well and good.

Remember the MontGras Reserva Carménère 2010 that we wine tasted from Eat More Produce a week or so ago?  Imagine our surprise when we noticed their Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon - Syrah available at our local Costco for only $8.99!  Yes, it was a happy day indeed.

Chucky's Point Score:  89
Tiffany's Point Score:  93

MontGras Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon - Syrah 2009

Appellation:  Colchagua Valley, Chile
Grape Varietal(s):  60% Cabernet Sauvignon & 40% Syrah
Retail Price:  $8.99 @ Costco Warehouse Club
Vintage:  2009
Producer:   Viña MontGras S.A.
Alcohol:  14.5%
Calories:   101 per 4 ounces

Tasting notes as follows.

Chucky's Tasting Notes

Chucky's Notes:  "Extremely wonderful tannins.  A truly smooth bold red.  The class of a Cabernet Sauvignon with the big bold 'umph' of a Syrah.  Love it!  A can't miss red (wine) worthy of wine cabinet real estate.  :)"

Tiffany's Tasting Notes

Tiffany's Notes:  "Wow!  Powerful cherry bouquet also delivers on the palate.  This complex wine is packed with explosions of red and dark fruits!  Gorgeous windows on this one!  This is a very elegant yet bold wine.  If blind taste tested, I would guess French or Australian wine!  Super dry fruity wine!"

The label simply reads as follows:

"Founded in the early 1990s, the MontGras Estate is the result of a shared dream to create a new definition for quality Chilean wine making.  Handpicked grapes and a judicious selection from specific vineyard Blocks lie at the core of the MontGras Reserva wines.  The MontGras vineyards, located in the Colchagua Valley, are in the heart of the Chilean wine country.  The climate is typically Mediterranean, favoring the production of rich concentrated red wines.  Each variety, sourced from the San José Vineyard, is vinified separately.  The Cabernet Sauvignon is aged eight months in French and American oak barrels, while the Syrah is vinified in stainless steel.  Deep red in color, the aromas combine ripe plums and cherry, while rich cocoa, spice and supple tannins fill the palate."

Their web site reads as follows:

"(Their web site currently posts information only for the 2006, 2007 and 2008 vintages.  No information on the 2009 vintage has yet been posted.)"

The same standards as set for their 2010 Carménère are met by their 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon - Syrah blend.  But, of course, 2009 comes before 2010 doesn't it?  A deliciously affordable bold red wine.

I did find it interesting that MontGras describes cocoa on their label but neither Tiffany nor I noted chocolate in our tasting.  But, of course, the red wines having dark fruit notes can be inherently said to possess a somewhat chocolate taste.

Hi-dee hi-dee oh-boy-does-Chucky-love-his-big-bold-red-wines-ho my friend.

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