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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tiffany's Green Smoothie - Updated and Revisited

"Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable."
  - G. K. Chesterton
Good day everyone!

Let's make this day better than the last.  But please keep some in reserve because we must out do this day tomorrow!  We'll make it a life chain where each day gets better than the last until that time we're ready to give it all up and move on to a better place.  Are you with me?  But I must warn you... It's going to be a very, very long fun and pleasurable ride.

"Two extra-large Tiffany's Green Smoothies, please."

And for what reason do I write today's blog entry?  Do you remember the Tiffany's Green Smoothie post?  Of course you do!  Well my fine friends, it's back and bigger 'n healthier than ever!

Nuts, milk, seeds and spice ingredients
Fruit and vegetable ingredients
To be perfectly honest, Tiffany's Green Smoothie never went anywhere.  Tiffany and I enjoy her green smoothie every single day.  I go to bed at night with dreams of tomorrow in my mind, my beautiful Tiffany by my side, and a big old belly full of health within my tummy.  "Ha!  Tell me that I ain't one very lucky guy!"

Get ready, set,...
Updated and revisited?  Tiffany has been perfecting her green smoothie recipe as we learn of more about the health benefits of various herbs, spices, nuts and grains.  I won't waste blog space detailing the differences in ingredients and quantities of the two recipes.  All that is truly important is that it continues to remain delicious and chock full of health!  The taste?  Tiffany and I were discussing this a few nights ago as we were savoring this cooling and refreshing treat.  We both concurred that "banana ice cream with a slight nutty influence" describes it well.

Nutrition per ounce
This has to be one of the biggest-health-bang-for-the-calorie drink that you will ever consume!  I go through Tiffany's Green Smooth withdrawals if we miss a day.  And you wondered what gets me so hyped up to write these blog postings?  <hehe>

Note 1/ - I shall not claim accuracy for any of these claims.  I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or claim to have any education/credentials of the like.  I am simply sharing what I have read on the Internet, literature and have heard from like-minded people.  As with any and all foods, please consult a medical professional if you have specific medical needs or currently on medication(s) before making and trying this (or any) smoothie recipe.  As my famous friends Bartles and James would say, "Thanks for your support."

Frozen Heaven in a Blendtec
If you are able and willing to do so, I urge you to make a Tiffany's Green Smoothie.  It may not hold all of the purported nutrition benefit as described above but there is no denying that it is healthy.  Each of the ingredients, by its own individual merit, is a healthy food source.  Vegetables, grains, nuts, and spices.  This is what delicious stuff is made of!

Hi-dee hi-dee try-a-green-smoothie-tonight-ho my friend.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Psst... Chucky's Sharing Today

Howdy everyone!  I hope that you're hanging around life's edge doing cartwheels.

Vibrant Life

I'm sitting here in front of the world 'o web staring at a little of this and a little of that when a blog ideal struck me like lightening.  I just found three web sites that appeared to have numerous fabulous vegetarian recipes.


I know, I know...  "Not another web site, Chucky!"  "Between the blogosphere, the cookbooks and the internet I'm inundated.  Stop!  Please."  Sorry.

Now ~ I don't expect everyone to rush to these sites and grab every recipe listed.  However, if you're like me you will gain ideals or perhaps find a gem among the recipes listed.  The sites that I wish to share with you today are as follows:

Should the above links cease to exist in the future, shoot me a comment and I'll research the updated web address.  Do you know of some fabulous healthy, vegan, or vegetarian recipe sites to share with my friends?  Don't be shy.  Please, please leave a comment below to share with us.

Oh, my!  Got to run!  I have a wedding and a space shuttle launch to catch today!  If I'm late, Kate and Will are never going to forgive me.  And those astronauts?  Let me just say that you never wanna see that bunch of moon rock collectors mad!

Hi-dee hi-dee share-a-good-thing-with-a-friend-ho my friend!