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Monday, February 28, 2011

Wine Tasting - Il Duca Imperiale 1917 Stella Rosa

Hello my fine friends!

Is it okay if we talk wine today?  How about my favorite sparkling rosé, Il Duca Imperiale 1917 Stella Rosa.  You will discover may references to this particular wine within my blog history.  I simply keep coming back to it again, and again, and again.  It's that delicious.

Point Score A:  88
Point Score B:  90

Il Duca Imperiale 1917 Stella Rosa
Appellation:  Piemonte (Piedmont), Italy
Grape Varietal(s):  unknown
Retail Price:  $9.99
Vintage:  unknown
Producer:  CA. I. VI. SPA
Alcohol:  5.5%
Calories:  47 per 4-ounce

Instead of re-iterating the details, I shall let our wine tasting sheets (below) speak for us.

Review A
Review B

I will promise you that you will have to search high and low for a better or more delicious wine at the $9.99 price point!  "Impossible!"  I challenge anyone reading this to identify a better $9.99 effervescent sweet rosé wine.  Heck... "I double-dawg dare you!"

Hi-dee hi-dee wine-certain-is-fine-ho my friend.


  1. I purchase the Stella Rosa from Total Wine & More warehouse. Their web site is Maybe they have a location near you?

    If not, I have an Aunt and Uncle in West Virginia who went into their local grocery store and asked the manager to order a particular wine they were seeking and they did this for them. Maybe your local wine merchant or grocery store (provided your state allows groceries to sell wine) will do the same.

    Good luck! It's well worth the effort to find this wine! :)

  2. We bought I bottle of Stella Rosa because an employee at the store suggested it. So many wines sound interesting but once you taste it..not so much. I have to say I was surprised and it's only $9.99. I have had more expansive wine and this is by far a better choice. Can't wait to pair it with fruit and cheese as well as chocolate. I'm with's delicious. Totally worth a try!

  3. We were looking for a bubbly Moscato and the lady at Total Wine suggested we try this. We've tried a few other sparkling sweet wines but the Stella Rosa is by far the best tasting. As others have said, it's definitely worth trying.

  4. Hi Steve, Hi Anonymous. To this date, Stella Rosa remains #1 in our household for sparkling wine. Sad to report that Total Wine & More has raised the price by $3!!! I was told "supply and demand" but I suspect "corporate greed". Anything more than a $1 increase seems odd to me. I miss my Stella Rosa but am unable to buy any from Total Wine & More due to principles. :(

    I hope to find a competitor who more fairly prices this wine. I know that $12.99 is still an EXCELLENT value but to simply raise it's prices because people are demanding it rubs me wrong.

    Thanks for the feedback! Cheers!

  5. How do you suppose this compares with Banfi's Rosa Regale? I traditionally favour Moscato D'Asti, but tried Rosa Regale one night and really loved it...

  6. Hi Anonymous. Tiffany and I tried Banfi Rosa Regale one time when we were unable to locate Il Duca Imperiale 1917 on the shelves of our local Publix supermarket. A remarkable sparkling red wine in its own right but not quite the same as Il Duca Imperiale.

    But... Don't read me wrong. Banfi Rosa Regale is an EXCELLENT wine. Hmm... maybe it's time for Tiffany and I to re-taste it and post a blog?

    Thanks for the feedback! Happy New Year. May 2012 bring you nothing except smiles and health!