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Friday, December 23, 2011

JT's Seafood Shack, Hammock, FL

"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not fish that they are after."

Hi there!  I hope that this greeting finds you happy, in great health, and ready to leave a positive impact on our planet today.

Yes.  Paradise has a store front.

Tiffany and I were honored to be invited to a dear friend’s wedding last month and had the opportunity to stumble upon a hidden gem of a diner.  Oh yeah.  We attended the wedding outside along the Atlantic Ocean sans masks.

We stayed at a most marvelous motel along highway A1A in Volusia County.  It was adjacent to the Saint John’s River in the secluded quaint town of Hammock, Florida.  A blog post will follow one day soon.

JT's Seafood Shack on A1A in Hammock, Florida.

We had never been to this part of Florida before and asked the motel proprietors for a recommendation.  According to him, the locals love J.T.’s Seafood Shack just up the road.

I know.”  “I know.”  But Tiffany and Chucky don’t eat fish.  We thought that we’d pop in and see what their menu might hold.  We were hungry, strange to the area, and did not feel like driving too far from the motel to eat lunch.

Boca burger and fries.

When we asked our server about vegetarian choices he immediately suggested the Veggie Burger platter.  "It's what the local vegetarians always order." he told us.  We took a chance, shook the dice, and placed our order.  Okay, it's a veggie burger at a fish house.  How much can we expect after all?  But, it's probably at least edible one could hope.

Guess what?  Both Tiffany and I were knocked out of our seats when it arrived!  O-M-G!  What is this beautiful thing?  We asked our server and he swore it was a Boca burger.  Between you and I, I have NEVER seen one this huge (or as delicious).  I suppose Boca might make a restaurant version?

In any case it turned out to be the tastiest vegetarian burger that either Tiffany and I have been served with perhaps the exception of Hillstone's $15 "House Made Veggie Burger".  But, for $6.75 we were served a veggie burger larger than my hands could handle with enough fries to feed an entire wedding party!  "Oh?"  "The $15 Hillstone burger?"  "It does come with a choice of couscous, coleslaw, or shoestring french fries."

Trust me.  The Hillstone "House Made Veggie Burger" is killer tasty but probably not $8.25 better.  Tiffany and I were lucky enough to visit JT's Seafood Shack for breakfast on our way out of town.  Again... O-M-G!  Soooo much food for so little bucks.  Tasty home-made delicious food.

It's a little short of 2-hours to Hammock from our home but we're already looking forward to our next visit.  Guess what?  You can bet that we'll be stopping by JT's Seafood Shack for another one of those Boca burgers!!!

Luckily we have a GFS in town now.  I am hoping that they might carry the restaurant-grade Boca burgers that JT's uses.  If not, that's okay.  It's well worth the trip over to Hammock to visit JT's Seafood Shack! 

Hi-dee hi-dee the-absolute-best-veggie-burger-for-the-money-ho my friend!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hoover's Essential Market, Altamonte Springs, Florida

"Get the facts first.  You can distort them later."

Greetings my digital friend!  Here’s hoping that you have a stupendous day.

Hoover's on Organic Market day.

I know.  I know… I’ve written about Hoover’s Essential Health Market too many times to count.  But this blog post is about their deli.   More specifically, the new improved deli just opened within their recent expansion.  It’s still a masterpiece being painted but they’re up and running.

Tiffany and I not only get our vegetarian, bulk, organic produce, vitamin, free range dairy, and vegetarian staples from Hoovers but we now get Sunday dinner to go.  We’re always assured a fresh (within 9 hours) vegan dinner with maximum taste and minimal caloric intake. 

We not only get some sliced Wham to-go but we always check to see what the soup(s) of the day might be.  Their soups are always organic, always fresh, original (and secret) recipe and mostly vegan.

Creamy Black Bean Soup & Vegan Wrap
Spinach wrap, hummus, Wham, vegan cheddar,
lettuce, tomato, Pa’s pickles, bean sprout,
sunflower sprout, fresh spinach, jalapeno,
black olive, banana pepper, and salt & pepper.
100% vegan.  100% organic.  100% delicious.

Tiffany and I always add a wrap.  Usually it’s with hummus, all of the way, hold the onion, Wham, vegan cheddar, and a little salt ‘n pepper.  But we’ve been known to change it up on rare occasion.  By the way, that's almond milk we're having with dinner.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself shopping in Hoover’s Essential Health Market, don’t sell yourself short by circumventing the deli counter!  Trust me ~ it’s well worth the stop and the staff manning the counter are friendly and helpful.

Hi-dee hi-dee thank-you-Jeremy-and-all-at-Hoovers-Deli-ho my friend!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dining at Maitland Breakfast Club, Altamonte Springs, Florida

"He that but looketh on a plate of (vegetables) ham and eggs to lust after it hath already committee breakfast with it in his heart."

I tip my hat and offer a morning salutation my friend.  May this day be nothing short of pleasant, productive, and absolutely worthwhile for living!

Breakfast is served!

Mmm, mmm…  who doesn’t simply love breakfast any time of the day?  Well ~ in Altamonte Springs the time of day is clearly defined as between the hours of 7:00 AM and 2:30 PM.

Where diners with great taste go for breakfast.

Why?  Well my friend, these are the hours of operation for the Maitland Breakfast Club.  A most certain hidden gem to be found near the corner of Maitland Avenue and Orienta Avenue in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

If the meals below don’t convince you then you must be a termite and eat only cellulose material?

Maitland Garden Roll
Egg beater, onions, celery, broccoli, mushroom
and cheese served in grilled flour tortilla shell.
Served with a choice of bread and fresh fruit.

The Mediterranean Omelette
Bell pepper, spinach and feta cheese
topped with black olives and red onion.
Served with choice of potato and bread.

"No my friend."  These dishes don't taste as good as they look.  "They taste even better!!!"  You get delicious made-to-order food, prices easy on the wallet, and served to you by the world's best staff (Christine, Lisa or Sandy).

If you're lucky enough to visit, I shall share one word of warning.  Should you elect to visit on a Sunday, please be prepared for a possible wait.  Maitland Breakfast Club draws in the church crowd.  But, I shall share another secret.  This is most certainly one of those establishments worthy of any wait time!

Hi-dee hi-dee there-is-a-reason-that-Maitland-Breakfast-Club-has-no-need-to-advertise-ho my friend!