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Friday, October 29, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Er... More accurately stated, breakfast with Tiffany at Subway.

I know.  I know what you're thinking.  You think that Chucky and Tiffany shared a Veggie Delite sandwich, don't you?  After all, there are three basic vegan/vegetarian choices on the Subway menu:  Veggie Delite, Veggie Patty, and Egg & Cheese breakfast sandwich.  Okay Technoids... five choices when you break it down to sandwiches and salad option.

Tiffany and I stopped by our local Subway on our way to work this morning.  We each took advantage of the $2.50 Breakfast Combo special.  Any breakfast sandwich and drink for only $2.50.

Tiffany was carrying slices of meatless ham and meatless turkey in her purse.  I walked up to the counter, put my dagger into my back pocket, jumped upon onto the counter, and sneered the resident sandwich artist, "Two breakfast combo specials please."

  • both light wheat English muffins
  • both egg white
  • both provolone cheese
  • one "Western" (onion and bell pepper)
  • both jalapeno slices (after toasting)
  • both tomato slice (after toasting)
  • one slice meatless ham (added after receiving our meal)
  • one slice meatless smoked turkey (added after receiving our meal)

There you have it folks.  Fast food à la vegetarian.  And I might add quite delicious and satisfying. 

Sidebar for readers who travel the "special" little busAs a general rule of thumb, Tiffany doesn't transport meatless ham and turkey in her purse.  This was a planned action.  By no means does this represent an acute change in post-vegetarianism mental behavior.

Hi-dee hi-dee healthy-ho my fine friends!

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