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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pho Hoa Noodle Soup Restaurant

"Vegetables are a must on a diet.  I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie."
 - Jim Davis

What an absolutely wonderful day, huh?  What?  Er... No?  Then I must ask what you've not done today to make it so.  It's mostly in your hands my friend.  Make it so.

Now it's time for my disclaimer.  I cannot attest that the broth base in their soups are vegetarian/vegan bases.  I suspect they are chicken (or beef) based soups, as applicable.  It's the one element of becoming vegetarian which I have been unable to side-step.  Where available, I always choose vegetable based soups.

Chucky's head gets bigger when he eats soup?

Mmm...  I had a doctor's visit earlier in the week and had to watch my culinary consumption prior to the appointment.  Where can I grab some killer soup for lunch as Tiffany & I were gallivanting about town in route to a most spectacular wine class?  "Pho Hoa!"  Yes, that's the ticket.

They have a most spectacular Hot & Sour Soup that kicks absolute arse.  Many fond memories of bowls consumed in the past drew me back to soup heaven (aka Pho Hoa).  I can't quite describe it besides exquisite in taste and overly generous in portion.  Sliced okra, bean sprouts, Asian vegetables, tomato, tofu and basil in a delicate broth.

Hot & Sour Soup with Tofu

I am almost certain that it's a chicken stock soup base.  However, inspection of the bowl shows little to no fat floating upon the surface of the broth.  I studied their web site but it offers no nutritional or dietary information.  Searches of others blog entries show when asked, they are told the soups are not vegetarian based.

If you are like me and permit animal-based soup bases where no alternatives are provided, Pho Hoa is well worth the trip.  Be warned however...  Their soups are gargantuan in size!!!  The "Individual Size" that Tiffany and I each ordered was perhaps four or five cups of soup.  I kid you not.  But, on the bright side it was chocked full of low-fat healthy ingredients.  An almost guiltless soup if only not for the soup base dilemma.

If you're going to slaughter or chastise me for my actions, please feel free to do so.  Leave a comment to right my wrong or to ease my guilt.  I'll clean the glasses and get some Q-tips to clean my ears.

Hi-dee hi-dee forgive-me-for-my-soup-based-exceptions-ho my friend.

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