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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Only In America

"Laws control the lesser man... Right conduct controls the greater one."
 - Mark Twain

Hello everyone!  I hope this day finds you in excellent health and good spirits.

If an American citizen, I hope that you're at least vaguely familiar with the new upcoming Menu Labeling Law to take effect next year.  If not defeated, killed, watered down, or otherwise shut-down by our illustrious Congressional leaders in Washington it will require all restaurant chains with more than 20 locations to post food calorie counts on their menus.

I know, I know... there are already some states well ahead of the federal government with laws already on the books that meet and/or exceed this forthcoming federal legislation.  But not so in my home state of Florida.  You remember Florida don't you?  You allowed us to choose your president a few years back.  We performed experiments showing sixth grade school children were more capable of using our punch card voting booths than their parents and grandparents were able.  Yeah... That's us!

Why am I bringing all of this up today?  It's because of a news report I heard over the radio this morning.  Restaurant chains are scrambling to change their recipes to reduce fat and caloric content.  If memory serves me right, Subway was reducing mayonnaise on some of their signature sandwiches to make the numbers look better.  Oh yes!  Kudos to Starbucks.  Guess what they're doing?  They are reported to be preparing smaller sized cupcakes and donuts on their menus.  What a civic contribution, huh?

Why do we need to legislate this type of action upon our most cherished national treasures... McDonalds, Subway, Burger King, KFC, etc.?  Politically speaking, I probably like government regulation less than the average citizen but I'm sad to say that I understand the need.  The corporations are too greedy to post this valuable consumer information without being mandated to do. And the consumer is too stupid to calculate the health difference between a doughnut and a whole grain slice of bread.  Sorry America... it's true.

I've also read where studies show that placing calories upon a menu doesn't actually shift the consumer onto healthier choices.  Can this be true?  I hope that it was a study bought and paid for by someone against the legislation and is not factual (intentionally biased).

Me?  I cherish, love and applaud the thought of simply having "truth in advertising" when I view a menu to make my selection.  And, I fit outside of that study's bell curve because it will make a difference to me.  Why not post fat, sugars, cholesterol and other consumer beneficial information as well?

I cringe when I realize that I am actually on the side of forced legislation but healthcare is a national epidemic.  I say this because I am one of those cited statistics.  I have lots of ailments due to nothing short of historically poor nutritional choices.  I am one of those individuals who causes your health care premiums to rise.  However, I am also one of those persons who is smelling the roses and trying to do something about it.

That radio news story simply had me laughing with tears inside.  Does corporate America care about me or my health?  Hell no, they don't!  Why should they?  They're only out to make a buck.  When my life ceases and extinguishes due to poor health, there will be someone's child to take my spot on the food chain of unhealthy dietary consumption.

Thanks for allowing me to vent.  Now... get back to that McDonald's hamburger.  Okay?  It's getting cold.  Me?  I'm having some seitan or tofu.

Hi-dee hi-dee why-is-our-species-so-stupid-and-ignorant-ho my friend.


  1. Ha. Yeah, we subsidize the bad stuff. The stuff that kills us and the envirnoment, and oh, the economy. And then we have a "healthy eating" campaign?? Wish we had a raw fast food chain or at lease clean vegan eatin' throughout the country.

  2. Hi Get Skinny, Go Vegan. Yeah... There was definitely a need for the Menu Labeling Law otherwise the big restaurants wouldn't be scrambling to improve their recipes and/or portion sizes. A truly sad thing to behold.