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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chucky's Super Simple Salad

"Friends are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of life."
 - Author Unknown

Greetings everybody!  It's Saturday!  It's Saturday!  It's Saturday!  Need I say more?

Chucky's Super Simple Salad huh?  Okay... you take a bowl of mixed salad greens and pour some salad dressing over it, right?  Can't get much simpler than this!  Well, maybe you can.  Let's use pre-washed salad greens and bottled vegan dressing.  Viola! 

Okay, okay... We're not taking that simple.  Maybe "Chucky's Relatively Simple Salad"?  Do me the favor and look at the pictures and you tell me what I should have named it.  Sound fair?

Basic salad consisting of pre-washed greens, sun dried tomatoes,
kalamata olive, seaweed, and cucumber slices.

Add two tablespoons of hummus on top.

Cover the salad and shake well to mix.

Sprinkle roasted pumpkin seed on top.

The pièce de résistance?
Lots of Frank’s hot sauce of course!

Even if you don't like hot sauce, give this ideal a try.  Even sans hot sauce, it's absolutely delicious and is as simple as the basic salad that you have prepared.  Yepperz... Think outside that culinary box.  Who needs dressing when delicious hummus serves the same purpose?  Umm, I just ate this for my lunch today.  If you're not envious you should be.

Okay... It's killing me!  What do you think that it should be called?  Um... er... keep it clean please.

Hi-dee hi-dee make-yourself-a-Super-Simple-Salad-today ho.


  1. Well, anything with kalamata olives is simply "Kalamata Heaven" in my book but since it's your salad and there's more to it than that...

    Wakame Walkabout Salad

    The wakame is the seaweed and walkabout because it's got yummy ingredients from all over. It looks delicious! Love me some pumpkin seeds.

  2. Thanks Sonya! I love it! But I don't really know whether it's wakame or not. According to the package which offers but a slight bit of English translation it's product name is "dried seaweed" and ingredients is "sea tangle". According to Cook's Thesaurus sea tangle = konbu = kombu = tangle = oarweed = sea cabbage = kelp.

    I bought mine dried in the local Asian supermarket. It comes from Fuzhou city, Fujian province of China (or so says the labeling). Anyways... it's delicious and offers nutrients that land based plants cannot provide. Yummy stuff!