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Monday, June 13, 2011

Name That Seitan!

"Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience."
 - Author Unknown

It is my honest wish that each of you is treated equally, if not even better, than those who you encounter this day.

What in the world is this stuff?

Do you like puzzles?  Well... I do, sometimes.  Your job is guess what this seitan is or shall become.  Take a close look and let some ideals form in that mind of yours before proceeding below.

I am unable to take any credit whatsoever for the recipe. Wish I could however because it is simply wonderful.  So darned easy to make and as delicious as advertised.  I am happy to extend full and appreciative credit to Jill over at A Vegetarian Tale blogsite.  From there credit by extension goes to Vegan Dad over at the Vegan Dad blogsite.  The specific recipes are Jill's and Vegan Dad's.  They are slightly different and I chose to make Jill's version.

Rolled in foil to be steamed

The verdict?  Wonderful!  Truly wonderful.  Both Tiffany and I were impressed by the total simplicity and ease to make these breakfast sausages.  The taste?  In a word, "Wow!"  We had recently purchased and tried Cedar Lake's Breakfast Sausage in the can from Hoover's Essential Health Market.  They were delicious and we recommend them but these have a more genuine texture.  The Cedar Lake links are simply more processed and more peppery.  Vegan Dad's Breakfast Sausages have a more true texture and more authentic taste.  Tiffany and I added a teaspoon of crushed red pepper into Jill's recipe to meet our desire for more heat.

After steaming

After grilling

If you love breakfast sausage, do yourself a favor and visit Jill's blog site to grab the recipe.  It's simple, unbelievably easy to make, and so absolutely delicious.  You'll thank Jill and Vegan Dad for it!

Nutrition in 1 link (24 links per batch)

Hi-dee hi-dee the-blogosphere-has-some-recipe-gems-out-there-ho my friend.


  1. I've recently made a version of seitan sausages from Eric Tuckers The Millenium Restaurant Cookbook (1998) - very textual. I will have to go by and check out your recommended links to see the variations of this sausage.

  2. Hi Shaheen. Wow. I checked out your seitan sausage recipe and what a perfect compliment to the breakfast sausage recipe(s).

    Unlike this recipe you've done me one better (IMHO) because yours is for a fennel sausage. Yummy! I cannot wait to make them myself.

    Thanks for the wonderful feedback. :)