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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wine Tasting - Bogle Sauvignon Blanc 2010

"So far as drinking is concerned, you have my hearty approval; for wine does of a truth moisten the soul and lull our griefs to sleep… [and with small cups] we shall be brought by its gentle persuasion to a more sportive mood."
 - Xenophon, quoting Socrates

Salute my friend!  May 2012 have not only met but exceeded your expectations so far.  A small smile can go a very long way.

I extend kudos to an office mate of mine.  Although not a wine affectionado, he knew that a wine having 89 points (Wine Enthusiast Magazine) could not be considered as swill.  So true his hypothesis proven to be!

Chucky's Point Score:  91
Tiffany's Point Score:  90

Bogle Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2010

Appellation:  Monterey and Russian River Valley (California)
Grape Varietal(s):  Sauvignon Blanc
Retail Price:  Gift (approximately $8 to $10 retail)
Vintage: 2010
Producer:   Bogle Vineyards
Alcohol:  13.5%
Calories:   94 per 4 ounces

Tasting notes as follows.

Chucky's Tasting Sheet
Chucky's Notes:  "I’m not a huge Sauvignon Blanc fan but this stuff is delicious!  Crisp, clean and the taste match the aromas.  The blend of grapefruit and apple tastes on my palate is perfect!  Deep buttery finish lingers in my mouth."

Tiffany's Tasting Sheet

Tiffany's Notes:  "This wine explodes with crisp citrus fruits followed by a thick full creaminess covering my palate.  This is truly a great example of our wine instructor saying a full bodied wine is like a glass of ‘whole milk’.  Very enjoyable."

From the vintner’s web site:


Lively, vivacious and easy to enjoy… you’ll find yourself captivated by the 2010 Sauvignon Blanc!  Made in the traditional style using reductive winemaking techniques and cold fermentation in stainless steel tanks, Bogle’s winemakers have been able to keep the grape’s character untouched and truly classic.

To awake the palate, the first scents include lemon zest and freshly mowed grass.  Once primed, you will appreciate clean and refreshing crispness of the citrus fruit paired with just a tiny hint of spring sweet peas. The mouthfeel, bracing with acidity, remains laced with touches of richer tropical pineapple fruit. Finishing lean and satisfying, this wine makes your mouth water for more!


Bogle’s Sauvignon Blanc is a great accompaniment to a wide range of appetizers
and light dishes, especially fish and shellfish, spring greens, goat cheese and fruit salsas.



Monterey and Russian River Valley

September 24 through
October 15, 2010

100% stainless steel, cold fermented

March 2011





Bogle Sauvignon Blanc, rosemary bread, and
olive oil with Vic’s Garlic Fix spice blend
A most delicious white wine thus served with our rosemary bread dipped into olive oil & Vic’s Garlic Fix (from The Tea & Spice Exchange). 

Crisp, elegant and the epitome of a perfect Sauvignon Blanc.  Sauvignon Blanc is one of those wine boulevards seldom traveled by Chucky and Tiffany.  We prefer the bold reds (Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Carménère).  But, I must admit that a nice white is a pleasant change to the wine consuming norm. 

Hi-dee hi-dee forgive-me- but-I-have-not-forsaken-you-ho my bottles of white wine.

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