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Friday, January 20, 2012

Tiffany Goes Kayaking

"Voyage upon life's sea, To yourself be true.  And, whatever your lot may be, Paddle you own canoe."

Hello my friend.  Wow.  It's another day already.  Where do these fabulous days go?  Maybe you and I should slow down and smell the roses?

Maybe this should be called a "picture book blog post"?  Basically, Tiffany and I spent Christmas up in the Panhandle of Florida this year with my family.  Affectionately called "The Redneck Riviera" or "L.A." ("Lower Alabama" or "Little Alabama").  It's where I grew up and perhaps where some of my embedded insanity was derived?  A wonderful place with wonderful people.

Oh?  Why did Chucky leave?  (Besides going to Hollywood to make a couple of movies?)  When you grew up, you did one of two things:  (1) sell seashells by the seashore or (2) join the military.  I did neither so I instead moved away.  My references are to the primary industries that keep Panama City, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, and Pensacola, Florida flourishing:  tourism and Eglin Air Force Base/Tyndall Air Force Base/Pensacola Naval Station.  But... I drift from my blog post this day.

While up enjoying the Florida Panhandle at Christmastime, Tiffany has opportunity to venture into East Bay via kayak.  My sister happens to live right on East Bay and happens to own a couple of kayaks.  The perfectly wonderful weather afforded Tiffany the chance to experience kayaking.  Guess what?  Tiffany and Chucky are planning to purchase kayaks and enjoy the many, many waterways of Central Florida.  "Let's go play in the water with the alligators!"

As strange as it may sound, Tiffany much preferred the outdoors kayaking to Chucky and his family sitting around and discussing politics.  Trust me... You too would be outside kayaking with Tiffany if you had this choice.  In Chucky's family, we cannot even agree to disagree if you get my drift.  Ne'er shall our politics meet at the forked road.  Our political discussions are filled with pot-holes, rock slides, avalanches,  typhoons, mudslides, earthquakes, and the like.  But... Psst... Between you and I?  I love my family and I love the differences between us all.

Instead of rambling on, please allow my pictures to speak for me?

Just what has the old-timers so perplexed & puzzled?

Even Lucy says, "Do ya'll see that?"

It's not just the pristine estuary of East Bay in the backyard.

Nope.  It's not that osprey that has them boggled either.

See that yellow Necky kayak sitting there?

Is that nice lady explaining kayak 101 to Tiffany?

That is Tiffany!  It is!  It is!

Have Lucky and those old-timers now seen everything?

Where the heck is Tiffany in that kayak?

Can you spot Tiffany on East Bay?

What if I zoomed the camera lens?

Tiffany must believe the family political discussions are over.

Closer Tiffany!  Come closer.

Bugger!  The trip is over Tiffany.  Welcome back!

Hi-dee hi-dee it-is-time-to-go-out-on-a-lake-river-or-bayou-today-ho my friend.

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