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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Subway Breakfast of Champions

"A champion is afraid of losing.  Everyone else is afraid of winning."
 - Billie Jean King

Greeting folks!  May you and those around you experience a most wonderful day.

I thought that I would share the single substantive meal per day that Tiffany and I have been having.  Due to a temporary scheduling requirement, we find ourselves getting up before the sun rises each morning.  There is a task that I must accomplish prior to work every morning that should last about four more weeks or so.  I won't go into specifics at this time as to the nature of this task but we rise earlier than normal and have very long days.

We've found a convenient Subway restaurant location where the manager opens earlier than usual.  We get up early, get dressed and head onto the road earlier before most traffic.  Before my daily appointments we've got time to walk into Subway, order a breakfast sandwich, and sit to enjoy our meal.  Afterwards we head right up the road to take care of "pre-work" business.  

It's not the perfect solution but it's relatively healthy and it works to our temporary schedules.  We call it our substantive meal because lunch and dinner are intentionally kept light.  We accept the bread at breakfast but avoid it during the remainder of the day.  Lunch is typically 100% vegetable based and we try to do a pulp juice as dinner.  Everything is ordered with reduced calories and minimally processed ingredients in mind.

So... here 'tis.  The magic of a modified Subway breakfast sandwich!

6" whole wheat roll, egg white, bell pepper, onion,
spinach, tomato, jalapeno pepper & banana pepper.
No meat, no cheese, and no condiments please.

Bring your own hot sauce, diced fresh jalapeno pepper,
grilled sliced tofu, and vegan blue cheese.

Mmm... who's the sandwich artist here?

Variation?  You want variation?  Well...  we've got variation!  These past two days we've substituted black olive for the jalapeno & banana pepper slices.  Hey... You only live once.  Live healthy and live dangerously.  Uh... Er... Something like that.

If my ciphering serves me correctly, we're talking approximately 320-calories (280- for the sub and another 40- for the tofu plus vegan cheese).  Again, this is the largest meal of our day.  For example, the other day was miso soup and salad for lunch.  No dressing except hummus and hot sauce as condiment.

We're talking healthy here people.  Just wait until Monday's weigh-in.  Crap!  I said that last week too, right?  Wasn't that 1-pound hard-earned weight loss?  I suppose that the proof is in the scale and we'll see how I am doing on Monday.

I just wanted to share that I can do Subway on a relative regular basis and still maintain the plan.  It's a little bit of give 'n take.  I take Subway for breakfast but give up calories later from lunch and dinner.

Hi-dee hi-dee don't-discount-your-dining-out-choices-ho my friend.

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