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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

InfraChef Halogen Oven

"There are days when any electrical appliance in the home, including the vacuum cleaner, seems to offer more entertainment than the TV set."

May the bluebirds of happiness flutter about you the entire day long my friends!

"Huh?  What in the heck is a chicken doing in my oven?"

Uh-oh!  Chucky and Tiffany played with a new kitchen gizmo over the past weekend.  I had purchased an InfraChef halogen oven several months ago from 1SaleADay (for half the price as Walmart) and had not yet taken it out of the original box.  Well... This changed over the weekend.

I got daring enough to make a couple of recipes which I had been eye-balling... Smoky Potato Wedges from the book "The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions" and "Chicken" (tofu) Nuggets from the Compassion Over Killing web site.  Both were absolutely delicious and amazingly easy to make.

I'll share the one (or both) with you in pictures in a future blog post.  This little wonder oven cooks without added oils or fats.  The potato wedges were lightly coated in walnut oil and the "chicken" nuggets used none whatsoever.  Both Tiffany and I were doing cartwheels on our kitchen floor.  Finally... we have a way to bake relatively easy and oil-free snacks.

With the luxury of see-through glass, we simply cranked the temperature as per the recipe and guesstimated the amount of time between flipping.  We really could not over-cook either dish because we are able to see things browning.  It's simply a matter of not leaving this little oven unattended.

Clean-up?  "Wow!"  Absolutely effortless.  The entire oven is composed of high-temperature glass and clean-up is a breeze.  It has a self-clean feature where you simply add some water, a drizzle of dish soap, turn it to 175-degree and run it for 5-minutes!

We've only used this new gizmo twice so far but both results were perfect and clean-up a breeze.  I can safely say that Tiffany and I will be using this little oven over and over again.  I've already got more blocks of tofu in the freezer ready to make more "chicken" nuggets.  Quite delicious when dipped into homemade ketchup, brown mustard, reduced-sodium soy sauce, BBQ sauce or Sriracha sauce.

Hi-dee hi-dee I-just-love-me-some-kitchen-gadgets-n-gizmos-ho my friend.

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