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Monday, March 7, 2011

Wine Tasting - Rueda Vacceos Verdejo-Viura 2006

Cheers everyone!

It's wine tasting time once again.  We daringly bought some $3.33 wine from Eat More Produce.  Regularly $7.99/bottle but on special at 3 for $10.00. Hmm... I don't believe that I have ever tasted $3.33 wine before.

I can certainly acknowledge that neither Tiffany nor I have ever tasted either the Verdejo or Viura grape varietal.  But, were we in for a treat or were we about to experience our first $3.33 bottles which tasted as such?

Well... I'm happy to report that it was a pleasant Spanish white wine.  Both Tiffany and I enjoyed it as noted below.

Point Score A:  83
Point Score B:  88

2006 Rueda Vacceos Verdejo-Viura

Appellation:  Reuda, Spain
Grape Varietal(s):  60% Verdejo & 40% Viura
Retail Price:  $3.33
Vintage:  2006
Producer:   La Bodega Cooperativa Agricola Castellana
Alcohol:  13%
Calories:  91 per 4-ounce

Tasting sheets as follows.  Tiffany and I differ on this selection but both enjoyed it.

Review A
Review B
We enjoyed this wine so much (for the value) that we went back to Eat More Produce and bought 3 more bottles.

Tiffany and I both thought it to have a grassy aroma.  A most noticeable grapefruit taste with earthy mineral notes.

Hi-dee hi-dee wine-need-not-be-expensive-to-be-kind-to-the-palate-ho my friend.

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