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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hoover's Essential Market, Altamonte Springs, Florida

"Get the facts first.  You can distort them later."

Greetings my digital friend!  Here’s hoping that you have a stupendous day.

Hoover's on Organic Market day.

I know.  I know… I’ve written about Hoover’s Essential Health Market too many times to count.  But this blog post is about their deli.   More specifically, the new improved deli just opened within their recent expansion.  It’s still a masterpiece being painted but they’re up and running.

Tiffany and I not only get our vegetarian, bulk, organic produce, vitamin, free range dairy, and vegetarian staples from Hoovers but we now get Sunday dinner to go.  We’re always assured a fresh (within 9 hours) vegan dinner with maximum taste and minimal caloric intake. 

We not only get some sliced Wham to-go but we always check to see what the soup(s) of the day might be.  Their soups are always organic, always fresh, original (and secret) recipe and mostly vegan.

Creamy Black Bean Soup & Vegan Wrap
Spinach wrap, hummus, Wham, vegan cheddar,
lettuce, tomato, Pa’s pickles, bean sprout,
sunflower sprout, fresh spinach, jalapeno,
black olive, banana pepper, and salt & pepper.
100% vegan.  100% organic.  100% delicious.

Tiffany and I always add a wrap.  Usually it’s with hummus, all of the way, hold the onion, Wham, vegan cheddar, and a little salt ‘n pepper.  But we’ve been known to change it up on rare occasion.  By the way, that's almond milk we're having with dinner.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself shopping in Hoover’s Essential Health Market, don’t sell yourself short by circumventing the deli counter!  Trust me ~ it’s well worth the stop and the staff manning the counter are friendly and helpful.

Hi-dee hi-dee thank-you-Jeremy-and-all-at-Hoovers-Deli-ho my friend!

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