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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The MET Live in HD: Siegfried

"I don't mind what language an opera is sung in so long as it is a language I don't understand."

Greetings!  Let's make this a fabulous day regardless of any obstacles that we might encounter.

If there were an opera performing live today, I might be able to suggest an event to overcome even the worst of obstacles.  But we can not always be so lucky.  However, there was a spectacular MET Live in HD event quite a few Saturdays ago.  Tiffany and I were so absolutely and fortunate to experience 6 hours of "Siegfried".

Siegfried is the third in "The Ring" series.  One more to go later this opera season and then it's over.  Don't miss it before it's gone.

Wow!  The story?  In quite the nutshell, there's this broken sword that can only be used to kill the dragon guarding the treasures and the ring by a mortal having no fear.  Enter Siegfried who doesn't know he is destined to slay the dragon, capture the treasures and wake Brunhilde who had been placed into eternal sleep by her father, a god.

Siegfried is about to awaken Brunhilde from an eternal sleep.

Okay, there is plenty of wonderful music, sounds, scenes, sets, action, drama, betrayal, trickery, deceit, and adventure set in between.  Sitting there in the theater was like having a story book opened and read to me.  Read in German to the sounds of Wagner being played by an orchestra.
We experienced a magical sword, a dragon, a legacy, and a dream.  This opera had it all.  But, don’t most operas?

Kewl!  Siegfried slays the dragon!
This opera was macho enough for Chucky yet foo-foo enough for Tiffany.  I know that the expression “audio-visual presentation” is quite often overused.  However, in the case of Wagner’s Siegfried it most abundantly holds true.

Those fine folks at the Metropolitan Opera have provided me with another one of life’s little enhancements.  Thanks MET.

Hi-dee hi-dee catch-a-performance-before-the-season-passes-you-by-ho my friend.

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