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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wine Tasting - Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Saludos a todos mis amigos!

It was Sunday afternoon and was it Chucky or was it Tiffany who twisted the others arm?  "Let's uncork another bottle and do another wine tasting!  Okay?"

In either case, whomever it was...  I (or She) was quite successful and convincing.  Trust me... It was terrible.  Beautiful Springtime weather in Florida and opened red wine can only mean trouble!  <hehe>  A mini-vacation on the back porch.  If weekdays were only so terrible.

Point Score A:  90
Point Score B: 89

2010 Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvignon

Appellation:  Central Valley, Chile (Santiago, Chile)
Grape Varietal(s):  Cabernet Sauvignon
Retail Price:  $5.00
Vintage:  2010
Producer:  Viña Santa Rita S.A.
Alcohol:  13.5%
Calories:  94 per 4-ounce

Tasting sheets as follows.

Review A

Review B

Once again, although we used different words in our reviews, we pretty much said the same things.  It's eerily incredible how similar Tiffany and I rated this particular wine.  And we both loved it!

The label reads as follows:

"According to legend, 120 patriots, exhausted after a long, hard battle during the fight for Chile's independence, reached the lands belonging to Santa Rita.  On that fateful night in 1814, these forces of liberty found refuge in the estate cellars.  Today, within these same cellars, our award-winning 120 wines are crafted to honor their heroic character.

Our 120 Cabernet Sauvignon is medium-bodied with rich aromas of berries, clove and vanilla.  On the palate, it delivers fine concentration with flavors of ripe black fruit and earthy undertones.  A heavenly choice every time."

Upon first opening the bottles the tannins appeared high.  As time passed and the bottle was able to breathe, it transformed into a beautifully smooth and traditional Cabernet Sauvignon.  Rich in dark cherry taste with notes of both chocolate and smoke.  Big, bold and elegant!  A powerful Cabernet Sauvignon, indeed.  When you tip this glass to savor its' taste my friend, hold on strong to the stem of your glass.  For, you my friend, are about to take a ride on the carrousel of delightful and authentic Cabernet Sauvignon tastes.  "Hey Mister!  Can I take another ride please?"

Hi-dee hi-dee powers-greater-than-either-you-or-I-created-Cabernet-Savignon-ho my friends.


  1. $5!! What a deal! Thanks for the great tip... hope I can find it in California...

    Heidi (& Atticus)
    "commentary to give you paws..."

  2. You made honorable mention on my blog entry, "Eat More Produce, Winter Park, Florida", today Heidi. You got me to thinking just how wonderful these wine prices are.

    Now... if you are unable to locate Santa Rita 120 for $6/bottle or less let me know and we can trade places! You live in the Land 'O Wonderful Wine Prices... California.

    I can remember one time when Total Wines & More in Orlando had accidentally published California pricing in their weekly Sunday newspaper sales insert! O-M-G... there were lines of people lined up before their doors opened that Sunday morning and they were not a bit too happy to find it wrong pricing.

    Thanks for posting the comment.

    Psst... Just LOVE your Family Photo album on your site! What beautiful kids you have! Lots of 'em too. :)