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Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Opril Fool's Day!

Hi everybody!

No, this is no typo.  Chucky has officially renamed "April" as "Opril" <insert band music here>.

Why?  This is a most wonderful month.  Not one MET Live in HD event.  Not two MET Live in HD events.  But, can you believe it?  Three MET Live in HD events this month!

I could get depressed and focus on the fact that at the end of Opril there remains but one MET Live in HD performance remaining for the 2010-2011 season.  But, if you don't mind I would much rather think of my glass as half full.  Please, please... Allow me to enjoy and savor the performances scheduled this month before I go into "MET Live in HD season about over" mode, okay?

So ~ be forewarned my fine friends.  Chucky will go insane and maniacal early in May after Wagner's Die Walküre concludes.  But ~ This is another time my friend.  I shall celebrate and rejoice in Opril in the meantime.

Hi-dee hi-dee do-not-let-the-2010-2011-MET-Live-in-HD-season-pass-you-by-without-trying-it-ho my friend!

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