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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chuckylicious Scrambled Eggs (Tofu)

Green Eggs and Ham was the story of my life.  I wouldn’t eat a thing when I was a kid, but Dr. Seuss inspired me to try cauliflower!

Well, hello there!  May you be anointed with happiness, health and hope this most wonderful of days.  You are at the helm of your own destiny and steer the rudder.  Beware the rocks of negativity which may cross your path this day.

Chucky and Tiffany do love their scrambled eggs.  Er… tofu.  Uh… both, actually.  But I find myself substituting tofu wherever possible (a lower calorie and higher protein alternative to egg) more often these days.  But ~ I shall grant you that tofu will never substitute for my eggs-over-easy.  And eggs, when I enjoy them, are from local free-range chickens who are fed organic.

Let's make scrambled tofu!

  • Tofu, firm, crumbled - 2 packages
  • Tomatoes & chili pepper - 2 cans
  • Nutritional yeast flakes - 2 Tbsp
  • McKay’s Chicken Style Instant Broth & Seasoning - 2 Tbsp
  • Mushrooms - 2 cans
  • Salt & Pepper, freshly ground - to taste
  • Dill spice, dried - to taste
  1. Open tofu package and rinse.  Pat dry and crumble into medium size mixing bowl.
  2. Add nutritional yeast flakes and McKay’s seasoning into bowl and mix.
  3. Allow mixed tofu to rest approximately 5-minutes allowing flavors to absorb.
  4. Cook in skillet over medium heat until slightly browned.
  5. Add un-drained tomatoes & chili pepper and un-drained mushrooms into grilled tofu mix.  (See Note 1/ below)
  6. When about half of the liquids have evaporated, salt and pepper to taste.
  7. Continue to cook, stirring occasionally until all liquids have evaporated.  This may take considerable time but the flavor pay-off is worth the time spent.  You want the juices of the tomatoes, pepper and mushrooms to meld with the nutritional yeast & McKay’s seasoning leading to a culinary crescendo.
  8. Serve immediately with corn or flour tortilla shells or store in refrigerator for later use.
Note 1/ - Chucky prefers his scrambled "eggs" somewhat on the rubbery side.  If you prefer yours to be softer and fluffier, first drain the cans.

Tofu draining in the sink.
Crumbled tofu in cast iron skillet.
Scrambled tofu browning in skillet.
Cans of tomato & chili and mushrooms (with juices) simmering down.
Now that juices have cooked down, breakfast is ready!

Delicious!  Absolutely delicious.  Of course this is only my opinion.  If you dare make this recipe I would certainly love some feedback and know what you think.  After you’ve made them and tried them would you so do me the honor or returning to this blog post and share your opinion.

Hi-dee hi-dee Chucky-will-never-tire-of-this-particular-recipe-ho my friend.

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