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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wine Tasting - MontGras Reserva Carménère 2010

"Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance."

Greetings my fine friend!  May you give a moment of solemn thought this day to those who died on 9/11, to those who have struggled since and for those who are affected forever.

While our vegetarian casserole was cooling on the wire rack last evening, Tiffany and I decided to share, taste and rate this new Carménère that we had recently picked up from Eat More Produce.  Here's a wine that we both like but differ considerably.  To me it quickly became a best friend.  To Tiffany it is but an acquaintance in passing.

Who is right on this particular selection?  Both of us, of course!  It hurt a little bit that Tiffany did not find this wine quite as amazing as I.  But, her taste buds are not mine and mine not hers.  We share allot of similarities in taste so it was actually a wee bit refreshing to see the difference. 

Chucky's Point Score:  94
Tiffany's Point Score:  89

MontGras Reserva Carménère 2010

Grape Varietal(s):  100% Carménère
Retail Price:  $12.99
Vintage: 2010
Producer:   Viña MontGras S.A.
Alcohol:  14.5%
Calories:   101 per 4 ounces

Tasting notes as follows.

Chucky's Tasting Notes

Chucky's Notes:  "An absolute WOW!  This selection may be the very best Carménère that I've tasted so far.  Beautiful windows cling to my swirled glass only to be followed-up with a most deliciously elegant taste.  Aromas and taste match up perfectly.  I'm going to cry like a baby when my glass goes dry.  I only hope that Eat More Produce has more bottles left for me to buy!"

Tiffany's Tasting Notes

Tiffany's Notes:  "Nice bold dark fruity bouquet.  Initial sip delivers high tannins followed by smooth fruity finish.  Not my first choice of Carménères, but a very nice wine.  I think the tannins are a little bit higher than I like, but I'll definitely be looking forward to my next glass!"

The front label reads as follows:

"Founded in the early 1990's, the MontGras Estate is the result of a shared dream to create a new definition for quality Chilean winemaking.  Handpicked grapes and a judicious selection from specific vineyard Blocks lie at the core of the MontGras Reserva wines.  Introduced from France in the 1800's, Carménère has developed a unique personality in Chile, which is today the only significant source of this uncommon varietal grape.  The MontGras vineyards, located in the Colchagua Valley, are in the heart of the Chilean wine country.  The climate is typically Mediterranean, favoring the production of rich concentrated red wines.  Deep purple, this Reserva Carménère's powerful spicy aromas mingle with mint and wild herbs.  On the palate soft and round tannins combine with a subtle vanilla and toasty flavors."

Here's a good example why I do not read the wine bottle's label immediately prior to my tasting notes.  When I sipped this wine, I thought that I had tasted a hint of eucalyptus but talked myself out of it.  And when I read the back label I could not help but notice a specific reference to "mint".

Each and every wine tasting is an educational lesson.  No matter how many bottles that I taste, I am almost always amazed.  Sometimes on how close I pick-up on the taste and at other times, how far I am from noting the flavors.

Whether we're on queue or not, Tiffany and I simply have too much fun and enjoyment sharing this information with you.  We only hope that you elect to take the wine tasting challenge yourself.  Just remember... there are no right notes nor wrong ones.  If we were all the same there would be but one grape varietal and one type of wine on the shelves.

Each and everyone of us has our very own unique sense of smell and sense of tastes.  We humans (and we stuffed Hollywood dolls) are, indeed, wonderful creatures.  Sit back, open a bottle, allow it to breathe, share some wine with someone you love, and enjoy life for a minute or two.  Too many time we concentrate on life's little stresses and simply don't allow ourselves to relax.  Cheers my fine friend! 

Hi-dee hi-dee a-perfect-day-must-include-a-glass-of-wine-to-be-considered-complete-ho my friend.

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