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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sharing Shopping Sites

"I love to go shopping.  I love to freak out salespeople.  They ask me if they can help me, and I say, 'Have you got anything I'd like?'  Then they ask me what size I need, and I say, 'Extra medium.'"

An extra large dose of my friendliest greetings to one and all!  May your day be both wonderful and spectacular.

Time to share something a little different.  I find myself sharing a tidbit of information with my friends over and over again.  "What web site did you find that bargain on Chucky?"  Guess what?  You are about to find out.

These are my favorite "go to" web sites that I know from personal shopping experience are real, honest, and reliable.  I have done business with each of these sites.  I cannot guarantee you anything except to say that I've used them and I highly recommend them.  I check most of them on a daily basis to see what the item of the day happens to be.  These are my "bought one of those and bought that too" sites (in alphabetical order):

1SaleADay - Five daily deals at a single site.  The main one, a wireless item, a watch, something family oriented and jewelry.  $4.99 per item shipping charge.


BrilliantStore - A plethora of super cheap items shipped directly from our Chinese friends.  Skip the importer and middle man.  The result?  Unmatched prices with shipping & handling included in the price!  Need replacement watch batteries?  This site is the place to get 'em.

DealExtreme - See BrilliantStore above.  This is the original ship-direct-from-China site that started it all.  I've used this site to order something and had it shipped to England and Columbia.  Guess what?  No shipping and handling charges!   Beat$ the heck out of having it $hipped here and then re-packing and re-$hipping international.

Dealighted - Unlike my other sites shared, this is kinda a hodgepodge of the Internet's best deals.  I've found some incredible deals where Sears or Home Depot was closing out some merchandise.  I ordered it dirt cheap and had it delivered to my local store (no shipping & handling).  I once found one of those 9-foot outdoor blow-up Santa Claus lawn decoration after Christmas for around $9!!!  Best Christmas decoration deal that I have ever stumbled upon.

DiamondShark - This place absolutely loves Chucky!  I've been a devoted fan and client since their very early days online.  Tiffany and I both have some wonderful watches and jewelry from them.  Sign-up for their e-mail newsletter and get daily discount coupon codes for most items.  If you prefer, you can Google "Diamond Shark Coupon Code" and almost always obtain the code(s) without having to sign-up.  Most items ship free, if not a severely reduced cost.
Also check out their auxiliary sites:
- deals for men (cufflinks, cologne, etc.)
- watches
- Invicta brand watches
- sunglasses
SparkleShark - costume (non-precious metals/stones) jewelery

ThatDailyDeal - A relative newcomer to the one-deal-per-day sites but one worth noting.  It's not usually high-end stuff but I've purchased things from them from time to time.

Woot! - This used to be my absolute favorite online shopping site.  They often sell new merchandise but sell refurbished items as well.  The "CONDITION" (New or Refurbished) is clearly noted for each daily deal.  I've purchased over 80 items from them in the past 6 years.  For those of you familiar with Woot!, I'm currently at "purple" purchaser level.  I'm not as big a proponent of this site as I once was since Amazon purchased this online shopping site:  (1) the prices don't appear quite as good as they once were, (2) delivery is taking eons longer than years gone by, and (3) daily variety isn't what it once was.  For Woot!, there were indeed "the good old days".  I miss them so.  Word to the wise, before ordering from Woot! go online and make some price checks.  Sometimes for a few dollars more you can buy the new thing rather then the refurbished item on Woot!
Also check out their auxiliary sites:
DealsWoot! - miscellaneous deals
KidsWoot! - kid stuff (toys, etc.)
SelloutWoot! - miscellaneous deals
ShirtWoot! - t-shirts
WineWoot! - wine & wine gadgets

There you have it folks.  Chucky has so generously shared his not-so-secret favorite online shopping sites.  Do like Chucky and bookmark these onto your favorite web browser, check them regularly (daily upon waking before they sell out) and you will encounter a periodic bargain.

Hey... Christmas (if you so celebrate) is just around the corner.  Nothing is nicer than buying your gifts slowly yet surely throughout the year.  Let the Internet and these wonderful web sites help you out.

Psst... Buy it for yourself or another friend.  Don't buy it for Chucky as he is already the King of Useless Gadgets and probably already owns it.  Just ask Tiffany.  She cringes every time another box winds up at the front door.  Heck ~ She even has a sign hanging by the front door that reads, "Solicitors welcome but UPS, USPS, and FedEx go away!" (just kidding).
    Hi-dee hi-dee betcha-check-out-at-least-one-of-these-sites-ho my friend.

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