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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mellow Mushroom, Winter Park, Florida

"Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer.  Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza."

A plethora of my finest wishes at you this day my friend!  May this day be productive, happy and worth every single minute of living.  I’m hoping that you leave this planet at the end of this day as a better place for those who follow.

Mellow Mushroom Pizza, Aloma Avenue, Winter Park, Florida

A few years ago when Tiffany and I first converted to vegetarians I recall finding a place called “Mellow Mushroom Pizza” on the Happy Cow web site.  The Happy Cow reviews were 4 out of 5 “Happy Cows” for all three (3) reviews which is the highest obtainable for a non-vegan establishment.  It was one of those places that Chucky wanted to check out someday.

Sadly Chucky and Tiffany must leave Mellow Mushroom Pizza.

As it turned out, our closest Mellow Mushroom Pizza is on Aloma Avenue in Winter Park and conveniently located on our way between CostcoWarehouse Club and Wrap Planet/Eat More Produce/Ancient Olive/The Tea &Spice Exchange.

However, after finding it, we found ourselves passing it on our way to Wrap Planet to enjoy lunch.  As much as I’d love to have pizza, it’s not possible for it to be as healthy a dining experience as Wrap Planet.  Wrap Planet wins hands down when it comes to maintaining my health.

The patio dining area from the side. Oh, and a tree too.

But, today was a different day.  Today was a Sunday and Wrap Planet is not a viable option as they are closed on Sundays.  So… Tiffany and Chucky so looked forward to finally trying Mellow Mushroom Pizza this day.

In one word… INCREDIBLE!  No… MAGNIFICENT perhaps.  And… Guess what?  As pizzas go, theirs is relatively healthy.  A whole wheat dough using wheat germ and Spring water, low-fat cheese, no sugars in their pizza sauce, and oodles of healthy options. 

Note:  There are arguments that it's not actually a whole wheat crust but rather some perfect culinary combination of flour, wheat germ, molasses, and Spring water.  Their web site isn't much help uncovering the "secret recipe crust".

The restaurant had a welcoming eclectic look decorated heavily with Beatles memorabilia (posters, paintings, vinyl records, etc.).  It came across as a colorful and family-friendly atmosphere.  Whether you sit on the outside patio or inside, you felt lots of room and it simply felt like a fun place to be.  A good place to be.  The right place to be.

Tiffany and I started off with a Hummus appetizer.  Wonderful scoop of tasty hummus with lots of freshly warmed whole wheat sliced pita bread.  Among the better quality hummus that we’ve been served.  Eerily similar to Green Day Cafés spectacular hummus.

Now ~ This sounds like a pizza!

This day we immediately determined that we’d probably return many, many more times after examining the menu and determining them to be vegan and vegetarian friendly.  Lots of dining choices with many future trips to try some new things.  We quickly chose the Mega Veggie pizza.  I was salivating simply by reading the ingredients on the menu.

This pie sings delicious, doesn't it?

Now ~ If that weren’t already enough, when the pizza arrived it exceeded every expectation.  It looked and smelled simply incredible.  We were both sold at first bite!  It was pizza erotica on a plate.  I can almost swear that I could taste ever single fresh ingredient with every bite.  My mind is still tingling as I type these words. 

You can't have it.  It's mine!  All mine!

Guess what?  The portions are more than ample.  Tiffany and I have some extraordinary lunches ahead of this coming work week (I type this on Super Bowl Sunday afternoon).  Mellow Mushroom Pizza did not serve us lunch on this day.  Mellow Mushroom Pizza served us an event!  See you there!

Hi-dee hi-dee the-Mellow-Mushroom-pizza-crust-rocks-ho my friend.

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