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Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is a Multi-Enzyme Capsule?

"The best vitamin for making friends:  B1."
 - Author Unknown

Greetings and well wishes my friends!  May this be a glorious day only to be outdone by the next.

Tiffany and I visited both the St. Augustine Premium Outlets and the St. Augustine Outlets today.  Over 150 different outlet stores in two separate malls, each on a different side of I-95.  But I wander yet once again.

What I wanted to say was that we bought a bottle of multi-enzymes from the GNC outlet store.  I think that the last bottles of multi-enzymes were from The Vitamin Shoppe but this time GNC happened to be convenient and reputable (as is The Vitamin Shoppe).

Multi-enzyme supplement

I know the basic reason that Tiffany and I have been taking enzymes for so long.  We've been taking them daily for a few years so far.  We learned about it when we first purchased our Blendtec high-speed blender and began to "juice" our vegetables.  For example, every morning Tiffany makes both of us a fresh "green energy starter" using 1 organic carrot, 1/2 organic celery stalk, and 3 organic kale leaves.  She includes just enough water and ice cubes to allow the concoction to blend.  It's  better than "juicing" because you actually swallow and consume the entire vegetable product.  A traditional juicer separates the pulp from the liquids.

GNC Multi-Enzyme Formula Description

Thus the purpose of the enzymes.  To break down the molecular parts of the foods that we consume to allow the maximization of nutrients in our bodies.  Without the added benefit of a enzymes, some portion of our digested foods simply flow through our bodies without actually taking advantage of every nutrient.

GNC Multi-Enzyme Formula Supplement Facts

Now for the crux of this blog post... What exactly is in my GNC Multi-Enzyme Formula capsule and what is each ingredient supposed to do for us?   Let's find out shall we?
  • Multi-enzyme Blend – 296 mg
    • Amylase – 7,000 DU (Alpha-amylase Dextrinizing units) 
      • converts starch into sugars
    • Protease 4.5 – 15,000 HUT (Hemoglobin Unit Tyrosine base) 
    • Lipase – 250 FIP  (Federation Internationale Pharmaceutique units)
    • Glucoamylase – 11 AGU (Amyloglucosidase units) 
      • breaks down complex sugars into simple sugars
    • Protease 3.0 – 15 SAPU (Spectrophotometric acid protease units) 
    • Bromelain – 300,000 FCCPU (Food Chemical Codex Papain units)
      • digests proteins
    • Lactase – 500 ALU (acid lactase units) 
    • Protease 6.0 – 2,000 HUT
    • Papain – 280,000 FCCPU
      • breaks down proteins
    • Cellulase – 100 CU (Cellulase unit)
    • Malt diastase – 125 DP (degrees Diastatic power)

NOTE:  This is a 4-foot plastic bubble-headed layman interpretation of enzyme benefits.  When reading this, please remember that even you can become a rocket scientist, doctor, or physicist on the Internet.  You, my friend, have now just been disclaimed.

Does Chucky or Tiffany know exactly what all of this means?  Truthfully?  We haven't a clue.  But one thing that I certainly do know is that each of these ingredients breaks down a more complex into a simpler product.  Thus, the term "digestion" comes to mind.

Who knows?  Maybe you should look into taking enzymes to maximize your nutritional intake?  I cannot say that it's worked for miracles for Tiffany and I but we certainly feel better taking them.  It's not voodoo.  It's based on physics, chemistry and science.

Hi-dee hi-dee health-to-you-ho my friend.

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