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Thursday, June 2, 2011

BBQ Seitan Sandwich

"Vegetarian - that's an old Indian word meaning 'lousy hunter'."
 - Andy Rooney

Greetings everyone!

I hope that everyone had a most wonderful Memorial Day weekend and that you're all pumped up for an exciting week ahead.  The Space Shuttle Endeavour safely lands over on the East coast, we finally get some much needed rain in Central Florida, the Casey Anthony murder trial continues along its way in Orlando, and the Power Ball lottery drawing was up to $200M last night.  Hmm... I'm still trying to figure out why the shuttle's sonic boom did not wake me last night.  I must have been tired and in deep sleep.

Tiffany and I had a most wonderful weekend but we're back to work again this week.  In as much, when we arrive home we're really not in much mood to make an extensive dinner.  Let's make it quick.  Let's make it simple.  Let's make it vegetarian.  And let's make it delicious.  So...

BBQ Seitan Sandwich (bun, seitan, BBQ sauce, and pickle)

We reheated some of the Mushroom-Barley Soup that I made over the weekend.  And we took some of the seitan that Tiffany made (her first batch!) and made some simple BBQ sandwiches.  Simple and simply delicious! 

I sliced some of the seitan and lightly browned it in a non-stick skillet to remove excess moisture.  Then I added some BBQ sauce to the pan.  Meanwhile I reheated a pre-grilled sandwich roll in the microwave.  Tiffany topped each sandwich with pickles and it tasted even better than it looks!  Just like the real deal.  It had texture, look and taste of some really tender pork BBQ.

And what's really nice about this use of seitan?  It's absolutely not important what flavor you made your seitan.  The BBQ sauce is so predominant and guises the existing seitan flavor.  Tiffany's seitan?  She used some vegan "beef" broth seasoning before kneading and boiling the seitan.

Trust me... Absolutely delicious!  Delicious and deliciously simple. What a nice way to top of a day from the office, homemade soup and BBQ sandwiches.

Hi-dee hi-dee you've-got-to-make-some-seitan-soon-ho my friend!

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