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Monday, May 30, 2011

Gardein Egg Fontina Burger

"We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons."
- Alfred E. Newman (Mad Magazine)

Hi everyone!  Here's hoping that you have a pleasant and observed Memorial Day.  Remember... we are all here due to the honorable actions and sacrifices of others.  It only takes a second out of this day to use your heart, thoughts, and/or prayers to give thanks.

I decided to share what Tiffany and I had for dinner last night.  We had a most wonderful Sunday in each others company topping it off with a delicious dinner.  We ran errands this morning stopping by Subway for a healthy vegetarian breakfast sandwich (6" whole grain bread, egg white, provolone, jalapeno slices, tomato and spinach).  For lunch?  Firehouse Subs for a Veggie sandwich (whole wheat roll, grilled veggies, cheeses, raw veggies, and hold the mayo). We sat on our back porch in the afternoon sharing a few of nice beers (Sol, Tecante, and Dos Equis) and eating fresh veggies, healthy chips and salsa.  

Gardein Egg Fontina Burger

Needless to add, we weren't too hungry when supper time rolled around.  I had made some delicious Mushroom & Barley Soup overnight in the crock pot (blog post forthcoming) but we were simply too full to have any today.  Instead, we made the following sandwiches on the gas grill.  Grilled the deli-style rolls on the grill, grilled the Gardein patties, and topped each with some Fontina cheese to melt.   As these were cooking, I used the gas grill's side burner to fry up two organic free-range chicken eggs.  Tiffany slapped some Nayonnaise on the buns before piecing it all together.

Oh yeah... If you love Vegenaise, I'll tell you right here and now...  Nayonnaise isn't a great substitute.   Hoover's Essential Health Market was out of Reduced-Fat Vegenaise and I thought I'd try Nayonnaise to see how it works.  Although it's quite yummy and much superior to mayonnaise, it doesn't come close to stacking up to Vegenaise in either taste or nutrition (recall that I use Reduced-Fat version of Vegenaise).  Just sharing this with you to save a little on the learning curve, okay?

The Gardein Egg Fontina Burger?  It was our first try of the Gardein burger although we've tried many of their other products.  It was really delicious and had both the look and texture of a real carnivorous beef-based hamburger.  It actually tastes quite similar too but carries much of a portabello mushroom taste as well.  The burger was tasty, delicious and very filling!  Heavy on the calories but the single burger is what each of us called dinner last night.


Tiffany and I both wish you a wonderful Memorial Day and hope that you are able to enjoy some of the freedoms which others have sacrificed to allow us to have.  Please keep the sacrifices of soldiers past, present and future in mind when you freely walk around this day.  If you run across a man in uniform today, why not offer an extended arm and handshake or sincere smile and "Thanks!"

Hi-dee hi-dee never-forget-your-freedoms-come-at-a-heavy-price-ho my friend.

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