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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"The Return of the Poor Man's Panini Press"

"Ham and Eggs: a days work for a chicken; a life time commitment for a pig."
 - Author unknown

Hello my fine friends!

I hope that you're planning to conquer the world today.  Well... at least you've made it out of bed, right?  Relax my friend.  Heck... allow someone else to do the conquering.  Okay?  You just keep on reading my blog.  Alright?

Veggie 'n quinoa wrap with side salad

Today's blog?  Er... should I say tonight's blog?  Another day of drudgery at the office and about the only exercise my mind received was when it began contemplating dinner tonight.  If truth be told, it was Anne's fault!  I'm referring to Anne over at Finding Your Zen Pulse.  She just had to go and post a most delicious "SuperSHEro Mushroom Stroganoff!" recipe today.

Hmm... let's see.  I have some fresh eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, baby portabello mushrooms, and large portabello caps which Tiffany and I purchased over the weekend.   And I just played with the "poor man's panini press" last night.  Yeah.  You see where I'm going here don't you?  Oh yeah... Remember "The Chucky Portabello Experiment" from the other day?  Well ~ I just happened to save the juices from the portabello caps as they roasted on the grill.  I just knew that I would be able to use the delicious liquid gold somewhere at a recipe near me soon.

Then came along Anne's fabulous recipe and another ideal "pinged" into my buoyant head.  Grill up some of that delicious fresh produce, lay it on a bed of quinoa in a tortilla shell, cover it with some "SuperSHEro Mushroom Stroganoff" gravy, wrap it up, grill it and I've got dinner!  Yeah... that will work. 

Incidentally, I made the batch of Anne's "SuperSHEro Mushroom Stroganoff" sauce to go with some tortellini that I plan to make later this week.  However, I can skim just a little off the top to:  (a) check it out and (b) include it into my grilled wraps as the flavor ingredient.  And contrary to Anne's opinion that it's UGLY, it's most definitely not!  It screams creamy mushroom delight to the eyes and backs it up on the palate. 

And the result?  Absolutely delicious!!!  Anne's recipe rocks as did the entire concept come together without an incident.  No flawed experiments here.  We used 1 yellow squash, 1 zucchini, 1 small eggplant, and four baby portabello mushrooms to stuff four grilled wraps.  Two to share at dinner tonight and two to share for lunch tomorrow.

Oh yeah... the most important part perhaps?  "Thank you Anne!  From the bottom of my delicious veggie 'n quinoa grilled wrap.  You rock my blogosphere world, friend!  I can hardly wait to make my tortellini and allow it to swim in the sauce."

Hi-dee hi-dee winner-winner-veggie-wrap-with-SuperSHEro-Mushroom-Stroganoff-sauce-winner-ho my friend.


  1. This is how I press too! Instead of the poor man's panini press.. I think of it as a creative way to reduce the amount of kitchen appliances in my little apt! :)

    I have never made a decent sandwich in my life, so that idea of using some of the liquid from the stroganoff I think was genius! I will have to try this.

    PS - thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. I've got a little kitchen counter space myself but find that the panini press appliance forces too much weight upon the item(s) being grilled. If you want a really, really flat sandwich or wrap it works fabulous. LOL.

    I want just enough pressure to grill it but not too much as to squeeze the liquids out.

  3. Hooray!!! So glad you liked it and I'm super stoked to try your twists with the gravy. yUM!