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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day #231 of a Lacto-Ovo (Milk-Egg) Vegetarian Life - Random Observations

"I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants."
 - A. Whitney Brown

Warm and sincere wishes that every breathe that you take this day is a worthy one to the planet.

Hmm... To blog today or not to blog today.  That is the not the question.  And, the question is... What to blog about today?  How about a smorgasbord of random observations?  Well, like it or not... After two-hundred thirty-one days (began October 1, 2010) as a lacto-ovo vegetarian here 'tis...

  • Eating Out - Rarely an issue.  About the only places where I can no longer eat are hamburger joints, greasy fried chicken establishments and bar-b-que houses.  A few ideals to share:
    • Burger King offers a veggie burger (Morningstar patty),
    • pasta at an Italian restaurant,
    • tofu at an Asian restaurant,
    • salads just about everywhere,
    • veggie sandwiches at sandwich shops,
    • pizza (cheese & veggie) at your local pizzeria,
    • include the phrases "I'll order the.." & "... but hold the..." to your vocabulary
    • and use Happy Cow to located hidden dining gems and treasures near you.

  • Meat Alternatives - Never an issue.  As numerous are the choices for a carnivore, I have many healthier choices to obtain my protein:
    • egg, 
    • cheese, 
    • yogurt, 
    • tofu, 
    • seitan, 
    • TVP (textured vegetable protein), 
    • tempeh, 
    • Quorn, 
    • beans, 
    • quinoa (seeds), 
    • almonds (nuts), 
    • and farro (whole grains).
  • Recipes - Oh my gosh!  Not a problem whatsoever.  And, the good news?  You don't have to give up most of your past-life favorite carnivorous dishes.  Here a few tips for locating delicious vegan/vegetarian recipes:
    • blog sites - simply Google "vegetarian blogspot" and "vegetarian wordpress" which are two of the most popular blog page types,
    • Google - for your favorite dishes simply search on the recipes by prefacing with the word "vegetarian" and end it with the word "recipe" (for example, "vegetarian taco recipe"),
    • books and magazines - there are too many of both to count with more being added daily,
    • dining out - pay attention to what is in the dish that you've ordered and are enjoying ("Can I replicate this dish at home?"),
    • and revisit Mom's old cookbooks - simply use your vegetarian thinking cap ("Can I convert this wonderful recipe as vegan/vegetarian?").
I am going to stop here as this should be enough information to get you thinking outside that embedded carnivorous box.  Your granddad ate animal flesh, your dad ate animal flesh, and heck... you may have previously consumed animal flesh.  But it no longer has to be so!  What a beautiful healthy world in which we may live, huh?  Have a terrific 'n healthy day and remember to minimize your ecological footprint to our planet!

What about you?  Hey!  Join me here, okay?  Share your thoughts, tricks and ideals to help your fellow vegan/vegetarian enjoy their healthy lifestyle.  You've been challenged so post your thoughts below.  In advance, thank you for sharing your comment(s).

Hi-dee hi-dee a-meatless-lifetime-to-go-ho my friend!


  1. Hey Chuckie,
    For meat alternatives, do you have access to Match Meats ( where you live? The alternatives are not everywhere, but they are delicious if you can find them!

    As always, thanks for sharing!

  2. hi there, going to follow your blog, keep in touch ya?

    i'm beginning to eat veggie and fruits now, plus some almonds. i think i'm going to stop taking egg also starting today. what do you think?

    thanks for sharing the recipes! love the info


  3. Hi Bourgeois Gal. Thanks for the info on Match Meats. No store near me... yet. But I notice that some Whole Foods locations carry their product line. Maybe WF in Orlando will begin carrying it.

    It looks simply delicious! I love their full product line-up. I slobber every time I shop at Hoovers Essential Market (our local vegan/vegetarian organic health market). I've barely begun exploring the choices available to me. As a matter of fact, I just had my first Bahama Rice Burger (pineapple-mango) tonight! Delicious!!! I included it into a grilled tortilla wrap with quinoa & pineapple chunks.

    Thank you for the comment! Keep in touch. :)

  4. Thank you for the kind comment MissSyarniFarida! Please do me the favorite and be very careful of your dietary intake. You simply have to make certain that you're getting all of the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, irons, etc. for good health.

    If you elect to give up egg (which is fine), remember that you're giving up a great source of protein. Maybe begin adding some quinoa to compensate for the missing protein?

    A complete balanced diet is extremely important for both health and success. Do everyone a favor and keep yourself healthy, okay?

    Have a truly wonderful day!

  5. love your round up of how you are travelling as a vegetarian, esp the conversations in your head - sounds like you have really taken it in your stride - I find that I can usually get a bean dish like dahl in most Indian restaurants and, if you have middle eastern ones near you, falafel is great.

  6. Johanna ~ Oh my! How could I have forgotten Indian food? One of the most vegetarian cultural cuisines. Um... dal, creamy spinach, naan bread, and I just love good paneer (cheese).