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Monday, June 20, 2011

Wrap Planet, Winter Park, Florida

"It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate – you know someone’s fingers have been all over it."
 - Julia Child

Greetings, salutations, and every expression of my warmest wishes at you this fine day!  Let's push any grey clouds aside and continue on with this most wonderful life, okay?  We only get but one life (although some people find two).

Wrap Planet store front (as seen from parking lot)

What is this culinary mecca of smoothies, tacos, wraps & salads?  It's a hidden gem nearby Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida called "Wrap Planet".  Thank you Groupon for assisting us to find this gem!  Since using that Wrap Planet Groupon, Tiffany & I have been back to visit many times.  And Olga, the owner, and her culinary creations have quickly made this one of our favorite places to eat.

Olga taking Tiffany's order

We bought our Groupon and were so excited entering the first time.  We had taken a sneak peak at their online menu and fell in love with what we were reading.  The combination of ingredients sound simply scrumptious, let alone the enormous variety of choices are amazing.  And, if you ask Olga she will prepare you are wrap customized to your personal preferences.  But, I ask why?  If you can't find something on the menu that tempts your palate, then you are living on the wrong planet my friend.

Broccoli, Carrot and Mushroom Soup
Cabbage, Carrot & Green Lentil Soup

Oh yeah... Talk about "hidden" gems?  Wrap Planet is the model for which the expression was created.  Exactly as their web site and menu describe, it is located right across from Rollins College, behind the 7-Eleven and next door to the UPS Store.  Sneeze or blink as you're passing by the small parking lot entrance and you will miss it.  Trust me however ~ If you pass them by, your turnaround to find them will be well worth any and all effort!

Olga (owner) exemplifies some key traits that Tiffany and I love to see when dining out.  She is unable to hide her love of the culinary arts and pride in the business that she has built.  You can see it clearly in her shop, on her menu, in the tastes and when she speaks.

PESTO-licious Wrap:  tofu, white rice, black beans, & pesto sauce
Rocking Rollins Wrap:  tofu, guacamole, pumpkin seeds, steamed veggies, lettuce, & ranch dressing
Wrap Planet offers three (3) vegetarian wrap options:  tofu, mashed potato, or steamed veggies.  For us vegetarians (or vegans), Olga encourages you to simply speak up.  Wrap Planet is accommodating besides being healthy 'n delicious.

Tiffany & I have only but began exploring their diversified menu.  So far we have been lucky enough to experience and enjoy:  Rocking Rollins wrap (substitute tofu for turkey), Big Bali wrap (substitute tofu for grilled chicken), Mayan Delight wrap (tofu), PESTO-licous wrap (tofu), Chow Mommy wrap (tofu), taco (mashed potato), and taco (tofu).  I cannot speak for Tiffany but my favorite so far?  That's easy!  All of them.

If the name of their wraps sound intriguing, check out their menu which describes the ingredients (and choices).  You will clearly see why Tiffany and I have a dilemma deciding what to order each time we visit!

I can't wait to work my way through their menu.  And like Olga pointed out, should we make it through them all or want a change of taste, we can customize the wrap by making substitution(s).  Remember, it's not a dining establishment of choices... It's a Wrap Planet of choices from which to pick!

Hi-dee hi-dee yes-Virginia-there-really-are-some-culinary-gem-establishments-out-there-ho my friend.

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