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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Healthy Can Be Quite Affordable

"Cannot people realize how large an income is thrift?"
 - Cicero

Hello everyone!  I hope that this day finds you healthy and well.
I'll warn you now.  This is another one of my "what am I going to write about today" blogs.  Come on... They're not that bad are they?  On second thought... Don't answer that please.

What is this?  Why does Chucky show this image to me?

Okay, it doesn't take a brain scientist to conclude that the above includes the following items:  2 bottles of P.K.N.T. Carménère wine, a bag of habanero peppers, a 5-ounce bottle of hot sauce, a container of fresh blackberries, 5 tomatoes on the vine, and 11-ounces goat cheese.

"But why the picture Chucky?"  Will you take the "how much did Tiffany and Chucky pay for all of this" challenge?  As a twist to this puzzle, I will tell you had we not tossed in the blackberries it would have cost us and extra two bucks ($2.00 USD).  "This simply doesn't make sense Chucky."  But it does with a coupon.

Would you believe $27.00 for ALL of this beautiful and healthy food at Eat More Produce?  We had to toss in the $3.00 blackberries in order to make that magic $5.00 off of $30.00 or more price-point.

"Okay, so I get it.  You only paid $27.00 for all of this. Yes, that's an incredible price but what is your point Chucky?"  My point being that enjoying the life as a vegetarian (or vegan) is most affordable and achievable.  Contrary to what I frequently read when people are considering an improved lifestyle, it is NOT an expensive task.  Actually, money stays in your pocketbook on two accounts:  (1) vegetarian/vegan food sources are cheaper than carnivorous meats and (2) your long-term healthy cost will most certainly be lowered.

This is not only my opinion but simple fact.  Tiffany & I eat healthier and more diversified than ever before.  And for less.  We laugh and smirk to ourselves when we go into Costco and see those poor carnivorous souls cost-comparing items in the meat counter.  It's an expensive price a carnivore pays for their meal.  The cost to the environment, the cost to their pocketbook and the cost to their health. I often reflect back and wonder why I lived that way? I suppose that I simply did not know better.  Nor did I realize that living life is cheaper and more affordable now.

Hi-dee hi-dee keep-the-change-in-your-pockets-and-save-an-animal-or-two-along-the-way-ho my friend!

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