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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mushroom-Barley Soup

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Mushroom-Barley Soup

Um... Another recipe from the cookbook, "Better Homes and Gardens 365 Vegetarian Meals".  This time it's Mushroom-Barley Soup.  Four words best describe this soup, "healthy and low-calorie".

It's another recipe from the crock pot chapter of this outstanding book.  Basically it's diced tomatoes, mushrooms (lots of it), tomato paste, diced carrots, barley (I used Farro), spices and vegetable broth.  Absolutely no oils added and the primary source of calories are derived from the whole grains (barley).  No, no black beans in the soup. Those things in the picture above that look like black beans are slices of portabello mushroom cap.

The result is a thick soup having consistency of chilli but a very deep rich tomato & mushroom flavor.  If I didn't make this myself and did not know the ingredients, I'd swear it was a beef-burgundy based soup.  I believe this taste to be the result of a deep inner mingling of mushroom and tomato flavor. 

Since this soup is a result of a cookbook and I held true to the original recipe, I am unable to share the specific ingredients and directions with you.  That being said, I have directed you to the source of this delicious soup and you might find a copy on a bookstore shelf near you.  I found my copy at Sam's Warehouse Club that always has major markdowns on original cover pricing. 

Hi-dee hi-dee this-vegetarian-cookbook-rocks-ho my friend.

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