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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wine Tasting - Finca el Origen Reserva Malbec 2008

"Wine is a peep-hole on a man."
 - Alcaeus

Greetings my fine friend!  This is not simply any day.  It’s the absolute only one of its kind that you will experience in your lifetime.  Each day is unique and is numbered.  Let’s make the absolute best out of this day and every day which follows.

Malbec… a grape varietal extraordinaire.  I feel somewhat guilty that I had almost forsaken this vino until Tiffany’s random wine rack pick chose one today.  Malbec is a big bold red varietal for those who like their taste buds grabbed by the palate and not let go.

Chucky's Point Score:  93
Tiffany's Point Score:  94

Finca el Origen Reserva Malbec 2008

Grape Varietal(s):  100% Malbec
Rating:  88 points Wine Spectator
            90 points The Wine Advocate
Price:  $8.99 (or 2 for $16.00) at Eat More Produce
Vintage: 2008
Producer:  Finca el Origen
Alcohol:  14.5%

Tasting notes as follows.

Chucky's Tasting Sheet

Chucky's Notes:  "Wow!  Super bold red with wonderful tannins.  The strong bouquet closely matches the tastes upon my palate.  A most excellent finish.  A true steal at this price point if you love the big bold reds. Allot of ‘umph’ in this wine.  A Malbec true to its taste."

Tiffany's Tasting Sheet

Tiffany's Notes:  "Wow!  One of the highest scores I’ve ever given a wine!  Beautiful deep dark purple color delivers an incredible burst of dark rich fruits on the palate!  Extremely smooth wine.  Love the super bold fruitiness!  Beautiful windows on this Malbec.  Can’t wait to dive into another glass!  I might not share this one with Chucky!  Eat More Produce comes through for us once again!  Love it!!!"

Bottle’s label:

The grapes of our vineyards have always been known for their quality, being used by most of the prestigious cellars of Argentina for their ultra premium wines.  Today Finca El Origen shows in its wines the perfect expression of one of the finest terroir in the Uco Valley.  Very elegant palate, with round tannins.  Concentrated, ripe fruit balances perfectly with the toasty notes delivered by aging in oak barrels for 9 months.  Best with red meats.

From the vintner's web site.

Incredible.  Simply incredible.  If I were a genie I might consider making an empty bottle of Malbec as my home. 

For those of you who regularly read our blog you’re probably quite familiar that both Tiffany and Chucky strongly favor the big bold red wines.  I just love those red varietals and blends that, once they fall upon the palate, simply scream “Gotcha!”  You know… The kind that pull you down by the palate, slather you with deep fruit flavor, and simply won’t let go.  This wine, my friend, is one of them.

Go ahead… Don’t do yourself the favor of trying a bottle of Malbec.  That’s okay.  It simply means that there are more available for both Tiffany and I.

Hi-dee hi-dee Malbec-wine-is-my-friend-too-ho my friend.


  1. I was coincidentally watching Hubert Keller: Secrets of a Chef on PBS while reading this post. He finished the show by choosing a Malbec from Argentina to pair with his steak dish. He called it a "sexy" wine. It was only 60% Malbec variety, I think.

  2. Hi Stephanie. How absolutely weird how things seem to go in circles. Shortly after reading your comment today and while Tiffany and I were doing a wine tasting, guess what was on our television? On the TV was "The Big Time: Cooking, featuring master chef Hubert Keller".

    Until then I knew not who Hubert Keller was. He did look familiar and I have seen him on occasion. But, since this TV program is sponsored by Budweiser there was no wine, just beer.

    If you love bold red wine, do yourself a favor and uncork a Malbec. You will not regret it. "Sexy" is a nice descriptor.

    Thanks for the blog comment and stay healthy!