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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Am Not a Radical Vegetarian. I Am Becomming a Radical Vegetarian.

“Every clarification breeds new questions.”

Hello there!  May sunshine, good thought and well wishes pour down upon you today with a spritz of smiles to carry you through.  We each author our own day so may yours end up a most brilliant novel!

If you will lend me your eyes, I’d like to clarify something about me (Chucky).  Contrary to what some of my words may lead you to believe, I am most definitely not a radical vegetarian.  I don’t wake up each and every morning hoping to convert at least one person to the plant side.

"The Seed" is an animal too.

Granted, I get intense sometimes and constantly exacerbate the words “dead animal flesh”.  Let me assure you that these are only words and do not truly reflect my given purpose of being a vegetarian.  Why do I choose those words d.a.f.?  I read someone’s blog and fell in love with the expression.  Basically, using these words reminds me that we’re all animals.  What makes me more or less than a chicken, a dog, a horse, a bird or any other animal?  In my mind, I am live animal flesh and am not the main course of another creature’s diet.  Why would another animal feel differently?

Initially, my choice to become a vegetarian was strictly for health reasons.  At the time I chose to fore go meats (insert refrain to use d.a.f.) in hopes of losing weight and addressing some health concerns.
Along my journey down the vegetarian pathways I have met like-minded people, experienced alternative foods, and have read many, many opinions of other non-meat eating people.

In the course of the data assimilation I feel as though I have grown.  I now care MUCH more about the planet and other creatures around me.  I’ve exposed harmonious feelings for other living animals.  Trust me… I’ve changed considerably throughout my journey.

But ~ I am still not a radical.  Almost everyone that I encounter on a daily basis, my family and my friends are carnivores.  I have not converted anyone to vegetarianism nor have I attempted to do so. 

I have met people who see what Tiffany and I have done and it’s piqued their curiosity.  Would it surprise you to learn that Chucky almost universally warns these same people that it has to be a conscious decision of their own making, not taken lightly as a whim?  Anything that you do in life should be done for the right reasons.

If everyone did the right thing instead of what each of us typically elects to do, would this not be a truly wonderful planet to live?  If we stood up for what was right rather than hide behind our entrapped feelings and the status quo, would that not be just a really freaky thing?  A really freaky nice thing.

But ~ Trust me.  I may bark loud sometimes and I may write some things that raise eyebrows, but I hope not judge others.  I hope only to express my point-of-view.  Not necessarily right and quite possibly often wrong.  But… but… trust me… I am not trying to be condescending.

As I mature as a vegetarian, I learn things that simply become part of my new being.  I don’t look differently upon anyone who does not share my particular view.  Actually, I like to encourage a dialog instead.

Hi-dee hi-dee Chucky’s-soap-box-rants-are-more-bark-than-bite-ho my friend.

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