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Thursday, April 5, 2012

When is a Salad a Masterpiece?

NOTE:  It is with much regret (but many happy memories) that I must report that Wrap Planet is now out of business.

"I cannot remember whether I have Alzheimers."

Oh happy day my friend!  "Huh?"  "What?"  "Why so?", you ask.  Well...  You steer that vessel known as Destiny and you are at the helm.  If you encounter an obstacle in your path, simply steer your life around it.  Yes, occasionally you hit a rock/reef or scrape on some barnacles.  But you simply dry-dock the vessel for a short time and repair any damage.  Hey, Captain... Are you going to have a happy day or not?  If not, I will sail without you.

Chucky may not have the best memory but there is one thing for certain.  I most certainly remember the most excellent Asian Salad at Wrap Planet!  Even as I write these words I hunger for some delicious Wrap Planet food.  I sometimes simply have to sit back and reflect on how lucky I am to be within driving distance of this dining mecca.

What's this?

"Hey!"  "What gives Chucky?"  "That's only a picture of an empty plate."  Yes, my friend.  That's what you are going to end up with after you've visited Wrap Plate... an empty plate, change in your pocket, and a delicious & nutritious meal in your tummy.

"But... but... but Chucky ~ it's just a salad dude."  Au contraire my friend.  It's fresh crisp vegetables tossed in a fresh homemade dressing.  There's nothing pre-packaged or "fast food" here my friend.  Trust me... Olga at Wrap Planet is a phenomenon at mixing spices and the like.  Yes, she won't admit it but I dare you to attempt to replicate her dressings at home.

Voilà!  A culinary masterpiece!  Also known as the Wrap Planet Asian Salad.
Lettuce, snow peas, mandarin oranges, baby corn, red bell peppers,
roasted peanuts with sweet Thai dressing and crispy noodles.

I know that I keep posting pictures of these restaurant gems that Tiffany and I patronize.  And it's not necessarily that I expect each of you to be fortunate enough to live nearby and experience these establishments yourself.  However ~ perhaps I have piqued enough interest to where you:  (a) seek out that local gem of a business to visit or (b) elect to make yourself a fresh vegetarian salad of your own.

You will have to grant me this much ~ It's a beautiful salad and the ingredients sound delectable.  Vegetarian living is a truly wonderful thing for Tiffany and I.  It's been over two years now since we last consumed animal flesh and we haven't a single iota of regret.  We've never eaten better.  We've never eaten more delicious foods.  We've never eaten a more vast variety of tastes.  And we've met some truly wonderful people along our path to happy living.

Remember... With a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle it's not what you can eat but, rather, what you CAN eat!  I would venture to guess that at least 75% of what Tiffany and I consume we rarely or never ate while living as animal flesh-eating carnivores.  Oh yeah... No animals were harmed during the posting of this blog posting.  :) 

Hi-dee hi-dee we're-so-lucky-to-have-Wrap-Planet-available-to-us-ho!

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