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Friday, April 27, 2012

Breathing the Fresh Air

"Happiness begins inside one's heart."

Hello my friend!  May you be blessed with positive thoughts throughout your day.

It's here!  I've turned in my office keys, emptied my desk, and have received my final paycheck.  Oh what a relief!  For the better part of 10-years I have been subjected to undue stress and frustration.  Well, that's over now.

It was a pleasant last two weeks and they held an unexpected going away luncheon for me yesterday.  If I leave with but a single memory it was yesterday when the owner wished me well and thanked me for my 8-years of service.  Eight years???  Um... Er... I've been with this company for 2-weeks short of a decade my dear employer.

With the exception of leaving my hometown for school and leaving school for my first career/job, I've never voluntarily left a place of employment (until now).  I had also promised Tiffany that I would be out of there before my 10-year anniversary of service.  It felt so truly weird leaving by my own volition.

It's an amazingly wonderful feeling that I awoke with this morning.  I've always been so lucky in choosing my employers until this last one.  It was a difficult lesson learned but I am happy to report that I left knowing much more than I arrived having known.  I suppose that this may be the true measure of success?

Hi-dee hi-dee life-goes-on-ho my friend.

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