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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Marshall Tucker Band - Can't You See?

"No matter what ails you.  No matter what your woes.  I can most certainly assure you that there is someone out there somewhere who would be willing to trade places with you in a heartbeat and without reservation whatsoever."
 - Chucky - The Fat Vegetarian

Greetings my friend.  It's a most beautiful day if would simply allow it to be so.  Don't allow negativity around you to direct your path.  Go forward.  Go forward with a smile, an open heart, and an open mind.

Friday, April 13th ~ A most wonderful day in Chucky & Tiffany's life, indeed!  After many years searching to get out of a Hellish job, Chucky has landed his dream job.  But... This was just the beginning of a most wonderful day my friend.

Chucky & Tiffany held tickets to a concert featuring The Marshall Tucker Band.  These guys, abet member changes, have been going strong for 40-years so far.  I know ~ I'm aging myself, aren't I?  But I cannot hide behind the grey hairs which I have earned.  I can only dye my hair and live as if I were forever young.

The Marshall Tucker Band (04/13/2012)

The video?  Copyright infringement?  Actually, "No."  They encouraged the crowd to whip out their cell phones and cameras and go ahead and put those videos up on YouTube.  It's not like it's studio quality and it might even encourage you to go out and download one of their iTunes.

Myself?  I only recorded but a few snippets to enjoy as fond memories of a most excellent day.  Tiffany and I had not been to a concert in quite some time.  Our musical tastes differ.  She's into Country and I'm into Classic Rock.  But ~ We do meet that acoustic crossroad on some bands.  Marshall Tucker being one of them.  :) 

Hi-dee hi-dee life's-simple-pleasures-endure-ho my friend.

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