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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

"Love your neighbour,  yet don't pull down your hedge."

A belated yet sincere Happy Easter my friends.  If this is not in line with your religious persuasion, I then simply offer heartfelt wishes of happiness. 

A simple blog post this evening. Tiffany and I have both gotten into kayaking and I offer a simple piece of our new found love below.  3-1/2 hours on the water Saturday morning and 4 hours on the water this morning.  What a truly wonderful Easter sunrise that we enjoyed spending time with Mother Nature's children.

Bird Island, Triplet Lake, Casselberry, Florida

We have lots more kayaking video snippets and I will share a few with you now and then.  Until then, please do enjoy this short video and join us on Triplet Lake in Casselberry, Florida.

Hi-dee hi-dee oh-we-love-to-kayak-ho my friend!

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