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Monday, June 6, 2011

Grilling Healthy Tacos

"Never trust a skinny chef."
 - Source Unknown

May an abundance of health and happiness surround you and everyone that you come in contact with today.

Healthy Grilled Tacos

Tiffany and I found another hidden gem on Saturday but more about Wrap Planet in a future blog.  However, while we dined at this wonderful establishment some healthy ideals danced within that little plastic bubble head of mine.  It sort of began because Wrap Planet offers three vegetarian versions for their wraps:  marinated grilled tofu, mashed potato, or grilled veggies.

The latter fit perfectly into the yellow squash and zucchini that I had waiting at home.  If there is absolutely one thing that itches my fanny it's when I have to throw away fresh raw vegetables or fruits that have overstayed their welcome.  Produce that I simply kept too long and neglected to use.  There are more uses for a single vegetable item than all of the carnivorous meats in the world.

Yes... You're good!  I simply began thinking about what to do with that yellow squash and zucchini sitting at home as I enjoyed my most delicious lunch.  I know, I know... It's horrible to be sitting there thinking of dinner time when I am actually consuming my lunch.  Weird, wrong or not; it's simply how I operate.  When I eat out, I think of ways to use the cooks ideals at home.

I guess I simply never thought how convenient my gas grill (and side-burner) would be.  Man, was I ever wrong.  Prepare the filler ingredients.  Then dice up some veggies (whatever you happen to have on hand) and grill them in a cast iron skillet on the side-burner.  As they come close to finishing up (a minute or two), lay some corn tortillas onto the grill to brown them just a little bit.


SERVING SIZE:  6 delicious tacos

  • 1 yellow squash, diced extra small
  • 1 zucchini, diced extra small
  • 1/3 cup frozen corn
  • 1 Poblano pepper, diced
  • 6 corn tortillas
  • Non-stick spray
  • 4 Tbsp 0% Fage yogurt (to be used in lieu of sour cream)
  • 1 Jalapeno, fresh and diced (or sliced)
  • 1 Tomato, medium, seeded and diced
  • 1.5 oz cheese, finely shredded
  • Cilantro, fresh
  • Lime juice, fresh or convenient
  • Hot sauce(s), optional
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  1. Beforehand, chop and prepare:  jalapeno pepper, tomato, cheese, and cilantro.  Along with yogurt and lime juice, set aside.
  2. Dice yellow squash, zucchini and Poblano pepper. Heat cast iron skillet on medium heat, spray with non-stick spray, and grill vegetables along with frozen corn kernels.  Add dash of salt and pepper, to taste.
  3. When vegetables are almost done, spray one side of corn tortillas with non-stick spray and lay on hot grill.  Careful not to over cook.  When slight bubbling occurs, spray top side of tortilla shells before flipping them over and cooking other side.
  4. Add ingredients to tortillas according to your personal tastes and eat while hot 'n nutritious.
  • Use paper (biodegradable) plates to save on clean-up. Why not eat outside tonight?
Grilling the veggies on side-burner

Tortillas bubbling on the hot grill

Tortillas ready for delicious fillings

Nutrition per taco

Absolutely delicious!  Absolutely healthy!  No heavy oils or fats used.  I used a 0-calorie non-stick spray.  Do you want to talk about absolute healthy bliss?  Well my friend ~ I am ready to talk!  Less than 375-calories for my 3 taco dinner.  "Winner, winner, healthy grilled taco dinner!"

The saddest part?  That last taco!

Hi-dee hi-dee don't-neglect-that-gas-grill-ho my friend.



  1. I know what's for dinner tomorrow!!! :)

  2. Hi Anne! Guess what we repeated for dinner tonight? I could eat 'em every day if not for the other delicious vegetarian meals out there.