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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Graffiti Junktion, College Park, Florida

Only the truth is revolutionary.
 - Unknown Author

I tip my salad bowl to you my friend.  Let’s bump this day up one notch whaddya say?  Maybe an extra smile here or a sincere “Thank you.” there… it’s truly the little things that can make the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

On my quest to find the greatest veggie burger in the Orlando, Florida area I have encountered another challenger.  Not too long ago I was passing idle time at the office when I Googled “best vegetarian burger Orlando”.  Most responses returned by the search engine were of no surprise.  However, my search uncovered a few unknown gems in the culinary sea.  But ~ were these responses cubic zirconia or were they genuine precious gems?  Alas, my job is to wander outward to find the answer.  Thus continues Chucky’s quest for the most perfect veggie burger.

Graffiti Junktion #1, Thornton Park, Florida
(Photo Credit:, by User breeze)

Today Tiffany and I visited Graffiti Junktion – American Burger Bar in College Park, Florida for our first time.  After our visit today it’s quite safe to say that it shall not be our last.

The tastes were delicious, the portions were generous, the ambiance was fun, the service was courteous, and the prices were low.  Guess the best part about our veggie burger?  It wasn’t a pre-fab burger.  This burger was nutritious and made from scratch.  Our server proudly described it as having “white bean, black bean, oats and made fresh from scratch”.

$4.00 = Zucchini Fries w/ Horseradish Sauce

First, let me describe the most delicious zucchini fries.  If I had to venture a guess I would say that they were probably breaded in a Panko bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese blend prior to frying.  They were crispy, fresh and delicious even without the horseradish dipping sauce.  It was more than a bargain at only $4.00.

$6.50 - Veggie Burger & French Fries

The veggie burger and fries run $6.50 on the menu but Tiffany and I added blue cheese to ours.  When the bill arrived we were shocked to see that they only charged an additional $0.75 for cheese.  And… The cheese was abundant and tasty on our burgers.

Whole wheat bun, veggie burger, pickle, lettuce, tomato and blue cheese.

As seen from the picture, the veggie burger included a homemade fried veggie patty, whole wheat bun, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and optional cheese.  Like the animal flesh burgers that are their mainstay, the veggie burger option is humongous.  If the burger alone was a pleasant delivery, the mound of delicious mouth-watering French fries puts one in shock and awe.  I can’t put my finger on the spices but whatever they coat their fries with is truly yummy.

For your animal flesh eating companions, there are a plethora of burger choices.  After all, Graffiti Junktion’s claim to fame is as “An American Burger Bar”.  Tiffany and I found it to be a fun and casual eatery with a genuine handmade veggie burger worthy of our hard-earned Hollywood plastic dollars.

Hi-dee hi-dee a-homemade-veggie-burger-is-a-better-veggie-burger-ho my friend.

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