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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Post Master Cleanse - The Lunch Choice Winner Is...

"A smile... The World's most affordable greeting card."
 - Chucky - The Fat Vegetarian

Hello!  I hope that you're able to make the most of your day and leave a positive and eco-friendly foot print behind.

Life is back to the new normal for Chucky and Tiffany.  The Master Cleanse and the migration to the new eating regiment began.  Where did we go for lunch yesterday?

Vegetable Soup
Ocean Treasure (tofu, seaweed, broccoli, and carrot in plum sauce)
Combo 7 (rice, Summer rolls, tofu vegetables, & ginger soy protein)
I normally don't add a caveat but I feel obliged to do so.  The three pictures above are not from The Loving Hut website.  These are the actual pictures of the actual meals that Tiffany and I were served yesterday!  And, yes ~ they did look this good and, yes, they tasted even better than they look! 

The lunch at The Loving Hut?  Absolutely incredible with one mind-changing event.  Before this meal I've always explained to my carnivore friends, "Vegetarian food mocks a vague facsimile of the animal-based original."  Not so any longer.  I can now add to my shelves of knowledge that The Loving Hut's vegan scallops meet and/or exceed both taste and quality of the real thing!  How do they do it???

There were not bad choices.  Just between us, I'd eaten a cardboard box after 10 days of nothing except lemonade.  The Loving Hut was our choice and a very good one at that.  I forgot how delicious and affordable their vegan food is.  The pictures above truly don't do the food and the flavor justice!

Hi-dee hi-dee life-the-pearl-of-my-oyster-ho my friend!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Master Cleanse - 12 Days Down, (Almost) No More To Go

"If you don't wake up every morning believing that you're the luckiest person alive then you had better re-focus on what's truly important in life."
 - Chucky - The Fat Vegetarian

Hello!  Let's did every available smile and warm memory from this day, shall we?

Day #13. Tiffany and I trek towards a new normal healthy eating regiment this day.  Smaller portions, better choices, more organic, less GMO, more raw, processed-free, and generally placing into our bodies what truly should belong.

We both feel GREAT!  Happy, healthy and ready to take on the world of health.  If the cleanses accomplished but a single thing it would be a mental reset towards a true goal of health.  I've always believed that the mind is your biggest prescription pill. 

The five lunch choices (alphabetically) that I gave to Tiffany today are:  (1) Ethos Vegan Kitchen, (2) Green Day Cafe, (3) The Loving Hut, (4) Thuyen Vien, or (5) Wheat Berry Café.  Subject to change, The Loving Hut will probably win today.  On a good note?  None of these are a wrong choice!  :)

Dinner tonight?  Hmm...

Hi-dee hi-dee I-love-my-life-how-'bout-you-ho my friend?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Master Cleanse - 11 Days Down, (Almost) No More To Go

"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease."
 - Buddha

Greetings and salutations my friend!  May you have nothing except peace & happiness around you the entire day through. 

Day #12. Tiffany and I finally had something other than citrus last night for dinner.  I made a nice shiitake-wakame Miso Soup broth to accompany the orange juice.  And... guess what?  At lunch today we get to have our first sampling of some solid food.

I've prepared a vegetable soup.  Diced tomato, water, amino acids, nutritional yeast flake, dehydrated eggplant, dehydrated potato slices, dehydrated portabello mushroom, wakame seaweed, spices, and mixed frozen veggies. We CANNOT wait!   :)

How do we both feel?  Outstanding!  Neither of having an iota of regret.  I won't get graphic but things passed through me that can be described nothing other than odd and weird.

I feel healthy just thinking about my internal organs that I've de-toxified.  My kidneys, my gallbladder, my digestive tract, and everything to the left and to the right.  If I'm correct, I'll now be able to absorb and utilize much more of the nutrition that I plan to digest going forward!

0.2 lb loss for me on day #12.  24.4 lbs in just eleven days.

Hi-dee hi-dee limited-solid-food-today-ho my friend!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Master Cleanse - 10 Days Down, (Almost) No More To Go

"I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."
 - Robert McCloskey

Hi!  May you have a grandiose morning and an even better day!

Day #11.  I'm done with lemonade but not quite done yet.  Today is the beginning of a three day run back to solid foods again. 

Yesterday I mentioned it was OJ and miso soup on the agenda today.  I tossed all of my dashi from the cupboards when I converted to vegetarianism (it contains bonita fish flakes).  Hmm... what to do?  I researched and found that there are many forms of dashi (seaweed/bonita, seaweed, shiitake, etc.) 

While at the office today, Mother Nature is going to help me with an experiment.  I've added some dried shiitake mushroom and wakame (seaweed) into a sun tea jar.  Instead of arriving home and steeping the flavors from these culinary gems, why not use solar power instead? 

I'll let you know how it goes.  The shiitake-wakame dashi is but the basis for the miso soup.  Oh yeah... no tofu or solids in tonight's soup.  It'll be just fresh homemade miso broth.  Cannot wait!!!  What a nice way to begin the trip back to real eating. 

0.6 lb loss for me on day #11.  That's the same as yesterday's loss. And it's 24.2 lbs in just ten days.

Hi-dee hi-dee yes-it-was-quite-doable-ho my friend!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Master Cleanse - 9 Days Down, 1 More Day To Go

"A recent police study found that you're much more likely to get shot by a fat cop if you run.."
 - Dennis Miller

Howdie there!  May you have nothing less than a marvelous Wednesday.

Day #10.  I can say beyond any doubt whatsoever that Chucky is sick and tired of lemonade.  ROFLOL  But... on a good note, it's almost over and I believe that it was worth every lemon of effort.

What is on tomorrow's menu?  Nothing but orange juice to acclimate the body back towards solid food again.  Psst... I might cheat a skosh bit and enjoy a wee bit of Miso broth for dinner on Thursday.

When will Chucky and Tiffany be able to eat normal (er... the new normal) again?  On Sunday we should be okay to eat normal foods in moderation, of course. 
0.6 lb loss for me on day #10.  That's 23.6 lbs in just nine days.

Hi-dee hi-dee no-lemonade-tomorrow-for-Chucky-ho my friend!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Master Cleanse - 8 Days Down, 2 More Days To Go

"Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber."
 - Aristotle

Hello!  Thanks for dropping by my blog.  I hope that you find something interesting, unusual, or find yourself "Chuck"ling.

Day #9.  I am desperately looking forward to tomorrow night when it all ends!  I'm just so tired of lemonade.  Tiffany is handling the repetition much, much better than I.

But, on the good side?  It's not distasteful, it satisfies the hunger, and could certainly be much worse!  Besides, I feel good and am not having any regrets for doing this cleanse.  But, between you and I, it's an awful good incentive to keep the crap out of my body afterwards so that I won't have to repeat it as often!

1.6 lb loss for me on day #9.  That's 23.0 lbs in just eight days.

Hi-dee hi-dee I-can-see-the-solid-food-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-ho my friend.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Master Cleanse - 7 Days Down, 3 More Days To Go

"We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons."
- Alfred E. Newman

Greetings friend!  May you be blessed with a fine day and an even better week to come. 

Day #8.  I'm truly getting tired of lemonade (and limeade).  But, as Tiffany reminded me last night, there are only nine more glasses to go!  But ~ as boring as lemonade might be, it's both doable and could certainly be much worse. 

The weekend proved to be relatively difficult but not terribly so.  The workweek provides focus on the job and that takes the mind off of the cleanse.  I don't have any problem believing that it'll be over before I know it.

0.4 lb loss for me on day #8.  That's 21.4 lbs in just seven days. The purported weight loss average on the cleanse is 2 lbs per day so I suppose that I'm ahead of the curve?  But, of course, I'm also ahead of the curve when it comes to the weight that my poor little legs must carry!  :)

Hi-dee hi-dee I'm-getting-awful-tired-of-lemonade-ho my friend.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Master Cleanse - 6 Days Down, 4 More Days To Go

"It's my personal opinion that human beings are one of the most unintelligent species.  After all, we possess incredible abilities for logic yet we keep killing each other in wars, murdering each other in crime, mistreating each other on many occasion, depleting natural unsustained resources, and so on and so on and so on."

I tip my hat to you my friend.  May you experience nothing short of a most pleasant and productive day. 

Day #7.  Yesterday was truly tough.  No, neither Tiffany nor I experienced hunger but it was the habit of visiting our local restaurants that was difficult.  Although it's not distasteful, I am getting a little tired of lemonade.

Yesterday we attempted to make our day as normal as possible by running our errands.  The only difference?  No stops into our local establishments to eat breakfast, eat lunch, or grocery shop.

I, unsuccessfully, tried mowing the yard yesterday afternoon.  I did get the front yard completed but just barely.  I've never sensed a more heavy and difficult lawn mower to push!  I attribute this to the lack of calories and energy to expell for the process.  I hope to finish the back yard today.

All in all, Tiffany and I feel great!  No headaches, no pains, and no hunger.  We simply miss the solid food, the variety, and our regular weekend stops.

0.8 lb loss for me on day #7.  That's 21.0 lbs in just six days.  It may not be significant but it's loss just the same.

Hi-dee hi-dee the-tough-weekend-is-almost-behind-us-ho my friend.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Master Cleanse - 5 Days Down, 5 More Days To Go

"Could a politician win in today's world if they only stood on a platform of their achievements, their goals, their vision, and never made mention of their opponents?"

Hello there my friend.  Have a stupendous and most wonderful day!

Day #6.  It seems to get easier as each day passes.  Tiffany and I speak of, dream of, and think of all foods except lemonade every waking (and sleeping) moment but both agree it's not drive by hunger.  More so of delicious moderate healthy eating ahead of us soon.

Oh?  On day 11?  No.  We've got to wean ourselves back to solid food.  Day 11 is a switch to fresh orange juice.  Day 12 is fresh orange juice and a wee bit of fresh vegetable soup.  Day 13 is a little heavier on the solid foods and day 14 is back to normal.  Er... Excuse me.   "A brand NEW normal."

Guess what?  2.3 lb loss for me on day #6!!!  That's 20.2 lbs in just five days.  "I'll take it."  Uh ~ I'll allow it to go!

Hi-dee hi-dee let's-ski-the-downhill-Master-Cleanse-slope-ho my friend.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Master Cleanse - 4 Days Down, 6 More Days To Go

"If smiles are contagious then I want a case of the Smile Flu!'"

I extend a plethora of pleasantries to you my friend!

Day #5.  Another great day.  Feel great, mind is sharp (okay, okay... as well as it can be), sleeping well, no hunger, and it's been easy getting through the days (and nights).

I might excessively be thinking of future solid foods to come but this is actually a good thing.  I'm thinking in light of what I will and will no longer place into my body after this cleanse.  I truly intend to keep the processed crap and sugars from my diet.  To lean much MORE toward vegan, raw and natural foods.

Guess what?  1.7 lb loss for me on day #4!!!  That's 17.9 lbs in just four days.  Nice cleanse benefit, in my humble opinion.

Hi-dee hi-dee the-difficult-weekend-awaits-us-ho my friend.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Master Cleanse - 3 Days Down, 7 More Days To Go

"I stopped liking super heroes when I was a little child.  Imagine my shock and awl when I opened my brand new Superman Halloween costume to read the label which read, 'Not intended to fly.'"

May you experience nothing short of a marvelous and most wonderful day!

Day #4. Feel great!  Not hungry.  And not tired.  Other than missing the habit of dining on solid food, everything is pretty much normal.

No biological, physical, or mental changes to make note of.  Okay, okay... Maybe Tiffany and I are feeling really great knowing that we're finally doing this cleanse.

Oh yeah!  2.0 lb loss for me on day #3.  I'll take it!  :)

Hi-dee hi-dee I'm-doing-the-right-thing-for-my-body-ho my friend.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Master Cleanse - 2 Days Down, 8 More Days To Go

"Why do they call it 'toilet paper' anyway?  It's not exactly the toilet that it's been designed to wipe is it?"

I wish that everyone experiences a better day than yesterday no matter how good or bad the previous day might have been!

Day #3.  Not near as tired at the end of the day but Chucky had a mild headache.  I went to bed very early last night but slept well and feel on top of the world this morning.  Tiffany felt leaps and bounds better all-around yesterday.

For a change we used our Blendtec mixer to make our dinner last night.  We zested the outside of our organic lemons before dropping them into the Blendtec.  The lemon pith gives the overall consistency of the frozen concoction a rather smooth and mild taste.  I could still detect those nasty Cayenne particles on the back of my throat after each sip but it wasn't as bad.

In addition, the Cayenne particles (flakes?) suspended more evenly in the frozen version.  But, once again it was purified water + organic lemons + grade B pure organic maple syrup + organic Cayenne pepper.

Oh?  The medication?  Yes.  I continue to take all of my regular prescribed meds but have foregone all supplemental vitamins & supplements.

So far it's been an easier ride than either of us had expected.  We're thinking that today might even be the cleanse plan "hump" day as I read the first three days are the most difficult.

No hunger pains whatsoever!  Actually, I feel more satisfied than I did on the Kidney Cleanse (apple juice).  We have the natural inclinations to miss our favorite dining spots and I'd give anything for a solid piece of food.  But, I have faith that this process will reap beneficial results.

Oh yeah!  5.4 lb loss for me on day #2.  What a nice side-effect, huh?

Hi-dee hi-dee it's-going-better-than-hoped-ho my friend.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Master Cleanse - T Minuse One

"Red lights are nothing but impediments to my traffic flow!"

May you and those around you experience a phenomenally fine day!  If you're so lucky, please share it and pass it forward.

Day #2.  Hungry?  "No."  Maybe a little bit but no more than usual this time of the morning.  Other than feeling a little tired and worn down towards the latter part of yesterday, all went well.

The concoction?  Don't particularly like the Cayenne pepper aspect. Oh, I LOVE hot pepper.  It's the nature of the pepper.  I simply wish it were in liquid form.  I don't like the 'chalkiness of the pepper flakes on the back of my throat as I swallow.  But ~ the Cayenne is a principal part of the cleanse to up the metabolism and assist in blood flow.

Oh yeah!  8.8 lb loss for me on day #1.  A nice side-benefit but don't suppose it'll last.  I'll keep you posted as these next ten days roll along.

Hi-dee hi-dee Chucky-and-Tiffany-keep-chuggin-along-ho my friend.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Master Cleanse - T Minus Zero

"I expect perfection from those around me when I become perfect.  No-one has an iota to worry about!"

May each day be ten-fold better than the last my friend!  Allow and make wonderful things happen to those around you and you're off to a very good start.

T minus zero.  No coffee this morning.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacking becomes quite easy these next ten days... fresh squeezed lemonade + grade B maple syrup + Cayenne pepper.  This concoction and as much H2O that my heart desires the next ten days.

No coffee, no solids, no soda, and notta for the next ten days.  This is the Master Cleanse.  It's goal is to remove toxins from our bodies and give us a fresh start.  Upon conclusion, Tiffany and I will become MUCH more cognizant of what trash we dump into our bodies.  I plan and hope to abstain from processes foods and drive towards an organic vegan diet wherever possible.  Yeah... I suppose you can say that today begins the first day of my new life?

Hi-dee hi-dee return-and-hear-my-progress-ho my friend!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 Years, 1 Day, 0 Regret

"Anything less than a spectacular day could be a waste, right?  Let's both not waste our day!"
 - Chucky - The Fat Vegetarian

I hope that this finds you well, kind, happy and meatless.  I only wish the best for everyone!

Besides simply being October 1st, yesterday marked the World Vegetarian Day!  Were you aware of this?  It kicks of World Vegetarian Awareness Month.  In addition, it marked the day two years ago when Tiffany asked whether I'd like to give it a whirl.  "Why not?"  After all, neither Tiffany nor I were much of red meat eaters and generally preferred tofu when dining out.  "Just how hard could it be?"

Let's keep this post simply shall we?  It's perhaps one of the best and smartest decisions that I have ever made during my lifetime.  "'Nuff said?"

Hi-dee hi-dee life-is-wonderful-my-friend ho!