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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Polonia Polish Restaurant, Longwood, Florida

"The sword of destiny has two edges. You are one of them."
 ~ Andrzej Sapkowski, The Sword Of Destiny, Polish fantasy writer.

Most magnificent wishes that you experience nothing short of a fabulous day my friend!

Polish coat of arms

Well... How do I put my words into this blog other than to say that Tiffany and I hit culinary pay-dirt when we visited Polonia Polish Restaurant, Longwood, Florida for our very first time this afternoon (Friday).  We had a "Hot Deals Orlando" coupon for $30 worth of food from Polonia Polish Restaurant.  We had both taken the afternoon from work and had the visit in our plans.  Instead of having both lunch and dinner this day, we chose a higher calorie lunch/dinner at Polonia.  Psst... it was worth every single delicious heavenly calorie.

Zywiec Porter
Please… Give them a break.
They’ve only been brewing it for only 130 years.

Verdict?  Absolutely out of this world!  Every single bite, every single item and everything about this gem of a restaurant was beyond wonderful.  Sorry...  I did not take pictures (this time) but can assure you that we will be back.  Tiffany and I have already agreed that this will be our wedding anniversary place to visit.

A charming and quaint establishment.  A welcoming ambiance embraces you.  I felt both at home and on vacation.  Be forewarned!  You cannot enter the dining room unless you first visit the deli.  Terrible!  <hehe>  They have two table within the deli area that I have affectionately named "the torture tables".  You sit enjoying your meal while facing Polish bakery goods, wine, meats, and take-out foods.  Oh no... You cannot turn around to hide from this torture 'lest you face a cooler full of the world's finest Polish beers!  There shall be no hiding.  If available, ask to be seated in the dining room.

Pierogi picture borrowed from Wikipedia

Our waitress Stella introduced us to an amazingly tasteful 9.5% bottle pint of Zywiec dark porter (beer).  "Be careful!" she warned.  Many a customer has been laid to rest (snooze) while drinking this particular beer.  Unlike it's high-alcohol beer counterparts, this one doesn't taste of alcohol. Instead it's pure delicious port flavor.

Tiffany and I shared the following culinary delicacies:  Strawberry Salad (salad greens, sliced strawberry, Gorgonzola cheese, crushed pecan, with a fresh strawberry dressing), kluski noodles with mushroom sauce (like German späetzle), potato pancakes, and pierogi (potato & cheese, spinach & cheese, and sauerkraut & mushroom).  The meals comes with the most delicious all-you-can-eat slightly-sweetened potato bread.  Along the way we added a couple more Warka (amber wheat, 7%) Polish beers.  I've never felt better or more satisfied when paying the bill and leaving the table.

Warka Beer
Only been brewing it for 533 years.
One taste and you'll understand the longevity.

But wait!  The Deli!  Did someone say "The Deli"?  We bought a package of 12 spinach pierogi and a gigantic nut roll to go.  We'll now be able to enjoy a little of Polonia Polish Restaurant before our next visit.

Upon conclusion of our meal, I looked at Tiffany, smiled and asked, "How come you can't cook food like this?"  (Okay... maybe it was a teasing smirk.)  Tiffany is of Polish and English heritage.  Me?  I am of English, German, Scottish and Hollywood heritage.

No.  This certainly isn't health food but it's delicious food.  Tiffany and I sacrificed lunch in order to enjoy and in-part pay for this meal's calories.  It was our first visit to this wonderful culinary gem (not our last).  It's not the type of place we can frequently visit.  Instead, it's the place where we can go as "reward" for losing some weight and making the preparatory caloric sacrifices.

If you are ever in the Longwood, Florida area and wish a short delicious vacation to Poland, have Tiffany and I the place for you!!!

Hi-dee hi-dee why-do-ethnic-foods-seem-to-taste-more-delicious-ho my friend.

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