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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maitland Breakfast Club, Altamonte Springs, Florida

"Some people ask the secret of our long marriage.  We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week.  A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing.  She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays."

Greetings my friend!  May your Tuesday be filled with happiness, your lifestyle be filled with health, and your environmental footprint be tiny along the pathway.

Maitland Breakfast Club, 745 Orienta Ave, Ste 1061, Altamonte Springs, Florida

I've mentioned Maitland Breakfast Club in numerous blog postings but have yet to actual devote an entire post to this gem and treasure hidden on Orienta Avenue in Altamonte Springs.  They actually do little advertising but don't really have to do so.  Reputation and word of mouth has made this wonderful diner busy from the moment they open their doors each day until mid-afternoon closing time.

I don't care what time of day or which day of the week you visit them, you shall never be alone!  So many regulars frequent Maitland Breakfast Club.  This gem has it all:  a somewhat secluded yet accessible location, world class friendly service, complete menu including a plethora of choices, comfortable ambiance, cooks who genuinely know what they are doing, and unbelievable prices.  One visit and you will slap yourself that you hadn't visited earlier and you will leave with the knowledge of your soon return.  Yeah, it's that good!

“Personal Favorite”
Egg-white omelet with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and green chilies.
Served with salsa, a dry English muffin, and fresh fruit.

“Maitland Garden Roll”
Egg beater omelet with cheese, onion, broccoli, celery and zucchini.
Served with a dry English muffin, and fresh fruit.

A service staff that are friendly, efficient, and genuinely wish to make your visit an extraordinary one.  Whether your table is attended by Christine, Lisa or Sandy; you simply cannot choose to sit at a bad table or booth.  These ladies truly know what they're doing.  Along with the cooks hidden in the background, these ladies are truly the proprietor's strongest asset! 

Menu, 21AUG2011 - Part 1 of 2

Menu, 21AUG2011 - Part 2 of 2

Unlike the traditional restaurant, the staff works together and cohesively to provide customers the maximum level of service.  When one walks around with the coffee pot, each and every table is their responsibility.  Unlike your normal run-of-the-mill establishment, they work together.  Sure, a single server (I don't like the expression "waiter" or "waitress" for some reason) takes care of a specific set of table(s) but each helps the other out.  You sit and enjoy your delicious meal while viewing service poetry in motion!

I've recently been told that the proprietor has three very successful restaurants in the general area:  Maitland Breakfast Club in Altamonte Springs, Florida; Casselberry Breakfast Club in Casselberry, Florida; and his first restaurant, Country Kitchen in Longwood, Florida.  The Casselberry Breakfast Club is newly opened and Tiffany and I have yet to visit.  And although we've never been to the Country Kitchen, I have had several friends rant and rave about the place.  However, closest to our doll boxes is the Maitland Breakfast Club.  Besides, it's on the way into Hell (er... I mean work) every morning.

If you ever happen to be in the Altamonte Springs, Florida area I highly recommend this quaint but fabulous diner.  You certainly won't find more deliciously simple food for your hard-earned dollars!  Be forewarned, if you arrive during the peak hours you will have to wait as every seat and table is frequently occupied.  Tiffany and I prefer to visit in the early morning hours and always manage to find a seat.  Hey... you can always call ahead for take-out service.

"Oh?"  "Why do they call it Maitland Breakfast Club when it's really located in Altamonte Springs and not actually in Maitland?"  I don't know except that it's located right off of Maitland Avenue in Altamonte Springs.  The technical boundary for Altamonte Springs-Maitland is about 3 or 4 miles south down Maitland Avenue.  Besides, Maitland is in Orange County and Altamonte Springs is in Seminole County.  "Stop asking me such silly questions, okay?"  "Why is it called 'toilet paper' when it really isn't designed to wipe your toilet but, rather, your... <censored>?"

"Hey!  Can a guy have his privacy please?"

Hi-dee hi-dee this-is-that-perfect-diner-that-Tiffany-and-I-had-always-been-searching-for ho!


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