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Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Time for a Healthy Lunch

"I never drink coffee at lunch.  I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon."
 - Ronald Reagan

Hello there!  Yes... It's me again.  Thought that I would simply go away huh?  Well... I haven't.  I might be wasting away but, trust me... I'm not going away.

What has Tiffany been packing away in my lunch bucket now that I spent an entire week for a net 1 pound weight loss?   What's different since this past Monday's wake up call?  Most certainly are the items in my lunch.  Truthfully speaking, my lunches weren't horrible and were certainly packed more nutritious than the average person's.  But, again with the truth ~ The past wasn't working.

So I thought I'd share my lunch with you.  Uh... er... share the pictures perhaps?

Tomato, Onion, Cabbage & Asparagus Soup
Chucky's quinoa stuffed mushrooms, smoked eggplant, & grilled asparagus.

Bottom line?  Besides very, very few calories there is lots of delicious taste.  I did not use any oils, fats or butters to make any of this items.  Either nothing or a spritz of non-stick cooking oil.  I grilled the mushrooms and asparagus.  I smoked the eggplant using pecan shells as smoke fodder.

Umm… My mind is recollecting the most wonderful tastes when I shook some low sodium soy sauce onto my heated veggies.  My office mates came running into my office at lunchtime believing I had heated kielbasa sausage in the microwave!  <hehe> 

I don’t see how I can’t lose my weight making these type of choices.  Who says that ne’er delicious and nutritious shall cross paths?  If you find someone preaching this culinary blasphemy, send ‘em my way! 

Hi-dee hi-dee what-a-wonderful-lunch-bucket-ho my friend.

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