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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Umm... New Recipes

"Red lights?  Don't like 'em.  They only impede the flow of traffic."
 - Chucky 16AUG2011

Greetings and a genuine purveyance of will wishes to one and all!

I'm running out of post ideals today but thoughts still run rampant in my hollow plastic head.  I was so excited this past weekend to make some new recipes for the first time.  So far, they've all been genuine winners.  Kudos to the authors and publishers for making them available to me.

Hot and Sour Asian Cabbage Soup

Because I have not requested and obtained permissions, I cannot share the recipes.  However, I am able to cite the author and their cookbook for each delightful culinary concoction.

Vegan Mayonnaise - Made from basically firm tofu, seasonings and canola oil.  Wonderful!  Psst... I shall be replacing my most beloved Reduced Fat Vegenaise.  Besides being rather high in price for what I'm actually buying, it's somewhat hard to come by in the reduced fat form.  Hoover's Essential Market carries it but they don't always have the Chucky-sized jar of my Reduced Fat Vegenaise.  I now have a homemade 2-die-4 alternative!   From Cherise Grifoni's book, "The Part-Time Vegan:  201 Yummy Recipes That Put the Fun in Flexitarian". 

Sun-Dried Tomato Ketchup - I had a really nice tomato sitting in my fridge getting near its retirement age.  If not used soon I would surely have to sent it to the "tomato retirement home" (compost bin).  Hmm... I keep reading blog comments how wonderful homemade ketchup is so why not make some?  Result?  Absolutely delicious with true unadulterated tomato flavor from fresh tomato, sun-dried tomato, and other ingredients.  From Ani Phyo and her book, "Ani's Raw Food Essentials".  Psst... I found a hardbound copy of this $27.95 book for only $6.99 at Book Warehouse in the Seminole Towne Center mall, Sanford, Florida!  I feel guilty because I feel like I practically stole it!

Hot and Sour Asian Cabbage Soup - I have always had a fondness and soft spot in my stomach for hot & sour soup.  Whether Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, or any variation thereof, I absolutely love the stuff.  The exotic flavors and complexity of sweet and sour on the palate makes my mind recall some truly wonderful soup experiences.  I recently purchased Eric Tucker and John Westerdahl's book, "The Millennium Cookbook:  Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine".  Sitting there on page 60 was an intriguing variation of hot and sour soup.  So after visiting Phuoc Loc To Super Oriental Market and purchasing kaffir lime leaves, dried tree ear fungus, and tiger lily buds, I found myself ready to cook up a culinary masterpiece.  Luckily I had ginger root in the freezer, white (and red) miso in the refrigerator, a can of oyster mushroom in the cupboard, and a patch of lemon grass outside in the yard.  Trust me... Do you like hot and sour soup?  This one is a "don't miss" version!

I can assure you that I shall be re-making all three of these recipes really soon.  Vegan mayonnaise and bottled ketchup will never taste the same again.  I suppose this is the downsize of finding, making and enjoying your very own homemade recipes.  Not a bad price to pay my friend!

Hi-dee hi-dee I-love-making-new-things-from-scratch-ho my friend.


  1. I love Hot & Sour soup, my all time fav....I'm feeling I'm gonna give a try to vegan mayo, will play with the ingredients to get the right taste.....btw I have a book giveaway going on my U might wanna see, they r not veg. books but useful & towards healthy' the link...

  2. Your comment made me laugh out loud :)