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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Suite Vegetable Juice

"Vegetables are a must on a diet.  I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie."
 ~ Jim Davis

Hello my friend!  Salutations, best wishes, and a general disbursement of  positive vibes at you.

Suite Vegetable Pulp (Juice) as made in a Blendtec blender.
Whole fruit & vegetable, not just the juice.

"Mmm... A vegetable slosh concoction!"  If I could only get paid a nickel each time that I've heard that, huh?  Mothers ~ make a Suite Vegetable Pulp and watch those darling little children come running!  Just how many times have you moms out there heard, "Geez Mom.  Not another apple juice or Pepsi.  Can I have a V-8 or a pulped vegetable juice?  Please, please?" Only in a fantasy land or in Tiffany & Chucky's house.  <hehe>

Cucumber, green apple, bell pepper, carrot, two tomatoes, & two celery stalks.
Does blending this sound simply delicious or what?

Tiffany and I are hoping to pulp juice for at least one meal per day on weekdays.  We've delved into three or four concoctions thus far and this one was pretty darned tasty.  It's a somewhat more pleasant texture than some of our other experiments.  I suppose that the juicy cucumber, tomatoes and celery provide a superior H2O:pulp ratio.

We're still considering pulling the Breville juicer out of retirement.  If only we could deal with tossing the seed, skin and pulp into the compost.  Reality tells us that we simply get so much more nutrition pulverizing the entire vegetable & fruit product using the Blendtec.  Additionally, a bonus of fiber to cleanse the pipes.

To quote Blentec:
Well this is a juicer too. But in a juicer what you do is pay a hundred percent for your fruit, take it home, squeeze it out and you might get 25% of your money back. Then you take 75% of YOUR money and all the good stuff and just toss it in the trash. So, a juicer is a horrible investment, but it’s healthy. Cause you get a 95% absorption rate out of the juice. Well, with the speed and power of this machine we take whole fruit and break it down to the cellular level, so you get a 95% absorption rate out of the whole fruit, not just the juice AND its self cleaning when its done.
I do not buy into the inference that the use of a juicer is a horrible investment.  That's a ludicrous statement.  Well... er... that's marketing.  A good juicer does what it does well.  It's not a blender.  It's a juicer.

Nutrition - One serving (half of blended results)

After drinking the juice (and pulp) we simply feel so satisfied and full.  Tiffany and I have convinced ourselves of having improved mental aptitude and awareness.  It's our sincere hope that we have began cleansing our system of processed residual crap.  We believe that our bodies are now absorbing some of this nutrition direct instead of "borrowing" some to fight and address the over-processed crap which we had historically consumed.  Granted, this may be a psychosomatic condition.  But wouldn't you agree that positive vibes beget positive influence?

Hi-dee hi-dee make-yourself-a-healthy-juice-concoction-today-ho my friend.

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