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Monday, August 15, 2011

Chucky's Confession Time - 15AUG2011

"I recently went to a new doctor and noticed he was located in something called the Professional Building.  I felt better right away."
  - George Carlin

Hello everyone!  Mondays are but Tuesdays (Monday #2), Wednesdays (Monday #3) and Thursdays (Monday #4)... deal with it.  They shall be what you make of them.  Don't allow others to make your days for you.  A smile on a Monday is just as contagious as a smile on a Friday.

Yepperz ~ It's baseline time again.  When I woke this morning I honestly didn't feel as though I had lost but a pound or two.  I honestly haven't noticed a difference since losing my recent weight.  But, I do have so much to lose.

Here are the metrics that I am able to share with you. I am overly pleased with the results having done little to accomplish them.  22 pounds in 3 weeks isn't shabby, huh?

WEIGHT (newest to oldest)
  • 8-15-2011, Dr X office visit - 322 pounds
  • 8-8-2011, Dr X office visit - 330 pounds
  • 8-2-2011, Dr Y office visit - 330 pounds
  • 8-1-2011, Dr X office visit - 331 pounds
  • 7-25-2011, Dr X office visit - 344 pounds
  • 11-1-2010, home scale - 318.4 pounds
BLOOD PRESSURE (newest to oldest)
  • 8-15-2011, Dr X office visit - 132/80 mm/Hg
  • 8-15-2011, self-test blood pressure - 121/76 mm/Hg
  • 8-8-2011, Dr X office visit - 136/78 mm/Hg
  • 8-8-2011, self-test blood pressure - 120/70 mm/Hg
  • 8-2-2011, Dr Y office visit - 122/84 mm/Hg
  • 8-1-2011, self-test blood pressure - 125/75 mm/Hg
  • 11-1-2010, self-test blood pressure - 123/79 mm/Hg
PULSE RATE (newest to oldest)
  • 8-15-2011, self-test pulse rate = 74 pulse/minute
  • 8-8-2011, self-test pulse rate = 79 pulse/minute
  • 8-1-2011, self-test pulse rate = 76 pulses/minute
  • 11-1-2010, self-test pulse rate = 74 pulses/minute
BLOOD GLUCOSE (newest to oldest)
  • 8-15-2011, self-test Glucose (fasting) - 115 mg/dL
  • 8-8-2011, self-test Glucose (fasting) - 117 mg/dL
  • 8-1-2011, self-test Glucose (fasting) - 120 mg/dL
  • 11-1-2010, self-test Glucose (fasting) - 114 mg/dL

So, what was different this week from the last?  To be honest, not much.  I did scale back on the lunch portions but haven't made any major sacrifices.  Tiffany and I are still visiting our regular establishment... Wrap Planet, Green Day Cafe, and Maitland Breakfast Club.  We're perhaps dining out less and temporarily foregoing the higher carb establishments like La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant and Firehouse Subs.

NOTE:  It is with much regret (but many happy memories) that I must report that Wrap Planet is now out of business.

We'll return to La Fiesta and Firehouse when we've "earned" the right to do so.  Additionally, we shall be dining more cognizant of what we're eating when we return.  But, all in all I am not making any major sacrifices.  Simply making better food choices and holding back on the carbohydrates.

'Tis truly a wonderful life!  Losing weight while eating scrumptious healthy and wholesome foods.  I've never felt better, physically and mentally. What else can a 4-foot tall plastic bubble headed doll ask for?

Hi-dee hi-dee the-weight-loss-has-but-only-just-begun-ho my friend

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