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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BLT (Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato) Sandwich - Vegetarian Style

"Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.”

I extend a plethora of my finest felicitations to you my friend.  May you savor some and pass the others along.  It could easily be a well wishing string which we begin today!

Who doesn't just love a BLT sandwich?  Who?  Who?

Oh the memories!  The almost too good to eat Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich.  With reluctance and shame I have memories of delicious carnivorous days gone by.  But... Wait!  I'm not stuck on Carnivorous Memory Lane any longer.  I can waddle down my pathway of vegetarian righteousness and still enjoy this delicious sandwich simply called, "The BLT".  Someone in the early 1900's invented this most wickedly tasteful sandwich.  On this day, I tip my hat to whomever it was!

Umm, umm... Look at what Tiffany and I have been enjoying these past several nights for dinner.  We even enjoyed a BLT last night for dinner.  Simple and packed with taste.  Nothing more simple than a good quality bread (grilled on one side), a slathering of Vegenaise (Reduced Fat, of course), some veggie bacon, organic Butter lettuce, and organic tomato slices.  Oh no!  You mustn't forget the sprinkling of freshly ground pepper and salt.

Bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich,
baked breaded mushrooms, and
baked yucca fries in truffle oil.

Utterly incredible!  A sandwich comprised of many yin and yang tastes.  The creamy sweetness of the Vegenaise, the smoky crunchiness of the veggie bacon, the crispness of the lettuce, the crispness of the toasted bread slices, the juicy ripe tomato, when combined with the salt & pepper provide a crescendo upon anyone's palate!  Hey!  Don't take my word on it.  Why not make your own vegetarian BLT today?

Anyone who has followed my blog knows well that Chucky is a strong proponent of "thinking outside that culinary box"!  Why not substitute grilled Wham for the veggie bacon?  Or, use homemade vegetarian bacon?  Or why not skip the substitute meat product altogether?  Mmm... substitute some sliced cucumber as the "meat" ingredient.

Why not some Miso Mayo or vegan Greek yogurt instead of Vegenaise?  Want to cut back on the carbohydrates?  Well then... Skip the bread and roll-up the veggie bacon and tomato slices in some leaves of lettuce?  You get the ideal (I hope).  The possibilities are almost endless really.  Like jalapenos?  Go ahead.  Use 'em.

Hey!  The one in the picture above is mine.  Go make your own!  Besides... that one in the picture is long gone.

Hi-dee hi-dee why-not-revisit-a-sandwich-from-the-past-ho my friend?

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