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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day Dining

Hi everybody.  It's the day after a late evening concluded by some delicious Spanish Cava at midnight.  The holidays are fading, it's a New Year, and it's time to get back on a healthy track.  What are Tiffany & Chucky to do?  What's on the dining agenda today?

Breakfast?  Let's keep it simple.  Biscuit made with HeartSmart Bisquick and fresh homemade almond milk.  Add a Morningstar vegetarian sausage patty, half slice of rice cheese and 1/4 cup of Kirkland Egg Starts and you've got yourself a relatively healthy way to begin the day.

Chucky took Tiffany to the mall this morning to take advantage of Dillard's annual 50% off sales.  According to Tiffany, she hit pay-dirt today!  She was quite the pleased shopper.  Me?  Chucky sat on the mall benches reading his new food dehydrator book and learning away.

It's lunchtime?  We're near downtown Orlando and where do we eat?  The Loving Hut?  Drunken Monkey?  SEA Thai restaurant?  Pei Wei?  Jason's Deli?  Ethos Vegan restaurant?

The Drunken Monkey won today.  We ordered and split a breakfast wrap (egg, grilled onion and cheese on pressed spinach wrap) and Philly Cheese Panini (tempeh, grilled onion, grilled pepper, cheese and Vegenaise on ciabatta bread).  Tiffany ordered a cup of vegetable barley soup and I a cup of vegan chili.  Everything was stupendous, tasty and healthy.  Kudos to the fine folks at Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar!

Dinner tonight?  We made Kung Pao Sandwiches (Asian flavored baked tofu on whole wheat buns topped with an Asian peanut slaw mix) and Coconut Lentil Soup (something I simply whipped together with a bit of this and a bit of that).  I'll share both recipes on subsequent blogs, okay?

A truly delicious and nutritious way to begin a healthy 2011!

Hi-dee hi-dee keeping-it-healthy-ho my friends!


  1. happy new year chucky and tiffany and the doggies - that kung pao sandwich sounds excellent

  2. Tiffany and I agree on one thing. This appears to be the best healthiest way to cook tofu so that it's like fried. We plan to begin cubing the tofu, marinade it using the Kung Pao sauce and baking it in the toaster oven to get that texture that we both love.

    Crisp and chewy on the outside but fresh and soft inside. Absolutely perfect!