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Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Quiz Time

Hello everyone.  I was in a quandary what to write on my blog until I went grocery shopping this morning.  Actually, after I had grocery shopped and returned home.  Remember...  Tiffany and I are still rookies at this vegetarian thang.  

After a pleasant breakfast at Panera Bread this morning on the way to drop Tiffany off at work, we stopped by Publix supermarket.  We needed a few things and I wanted to make some biscuits for those mornings when grab 'n go work best.  We weren't sure which to grab so we decided to buy both Bisquick and Jiffy brands mix.

Can you guess the biggest difference (other than fat and calories) of the following two mixes?

HeartSmart Bisquick versus Jiffy Buttermilk Biscuit Mix

OMG!  The Jiffy mix is a no-go.  It's not vegetarian!!!  It violates the code of our new lifestyle choice.  I could go to vegetarian violator jail.  Or worse, I could be sentenced to a lifetime of artery clogging, hormone laden, steroid infested meat products!

Jiffy Buttermilk Biscuit Mix

It's not Halloween so I suppose I'll just offer up the Jiffy Mix to our carnivorous neighbors.  They were more than happy to assist us in cleaning out our cupboard and freezers of meat products.  Besides, Halloween is Michael Meyer's movie (gawd... I love the cheap pun).

The lesson learned here my fine friends?  Carefully read each and every label until you become familiar with the product.  Just because "it should be vegetarian" doesn't mean that it's necessarily so.  The Bisquick?  It uses canola oil.  

Why couldn't Jiffy had done the same?  Oh well... It's probably a recipe passed from generation to generation.  But, it's no matter.  As a vegetarian consumer, I have choices.  Plenty of choices.  I'll just let my wallet speak for me from now on.  Thanks for a wonderful ride Jiffy but it's over.

Hi-dee hi-dee read-those-labels-carefully-ho my friends. 


  1. when I was first vegetarian some of our favourite bbq crackers had "animal or vegetable shortening" on the list of ingredients. I remember a vegetarian friend crossing out the animal with a big black pen so we all felt fine about eating it - we decided we had the ones with vegetable shortening. I think they are now veg - maybe you could write to jiffy and protest! (or ask nicely for change)

  2. Thanks for your sharing your thoughts. Actually, when I began thinking about it I had to ask myself, "Why am I using a boxed biscuit recipe?"

    In the future I will simply try making them from scratch. And, should I find animal products in my biscuits I shall take it directly to the chef!