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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

69 Meat-free Days And Counting

Greetings to one and all!  I sat here pondering what to include in my next (this) blog.  I thought to myself, "Why not a general update on life as a vegetarian, day #69?"  An overview if you will.

I haven't any shocking revelations or surprise regrets to share with you.  Instead, it's been an enlightening and enjoyable meat-free path that Tiffany and I have walked.  Filled with warm sunshine, broccoli trees to the left, fields of grain to the right, and a mountain of health visible ahead of us both!  Oh yes... There are animals.  However, they're happy and alive and sharing the planet with us as we trek our journey onward.

The thing that I've missed the most these past sixty-nine days?  I don't honestly think at any particular point since beginning our journey I've missed eating meat.  I certainly have not had any cravings for hamburgers when I drive past a McDonald's or Wendy's restaurant.  Thanksgiving proved much easier than I had imagined.  To be perfectly honest, it ranked up there with one of the nicest Thanksgivings that I have experienced.  Deep inside I possessed a feeling that I was doing something good for my body and I truly felt it!

The thing that I've enjoyed the most?  The most?  Variety.  No doubt about it.  I see dishes, recipes, foods, restaurants, and markets in an entirely different light.  I no longer look at a recipe in a magazine or meat dish served in a restaurant as something I am unable to have.  I think to myself instead, "How can I make that dish without the meat?"

Oh!  Now that I've written a few sentences I can think of one really big problem!  I see so many delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes online, on other blog sites, in magazines, and in cookbooks that I am dying to make to enjoy.  However, Tiffany and I are but two people and I can neither make every single delicious dish/recipe that I see nor could we consume it if I were able to make them all.  I have probably seen more dishes that I hope to make than days available ahead of me.

It's beautiful, actually.  Learning new things every single day.  Simply knowing that I am participating in a healthier lifestyle.  Having a more healthy energy level throughout my day.  Meeting wonderful people.  Exercising an out-of-the-box culinary approach to cooking.  And, generally just being a better me.

Life is good, my friends!  And it's only just beginning.

Hi-dee hi-dee vegetarianism-is-great-ho my friend!


  1. Thanks for the positive vibes Anne. The holidays are behind us and we're now paying the piper. It's hyper-mode around her now. Exercise and diet are priority one.